MaddenVip - The plays for anniversary affiliated of this week's tournament

I didn't see addition column about this on actuality and anticipation some humans may not realise that Bouncer had put them on MUThead. All acclaim to him as usual. They are:

First 5 wins

Trips TE Off Tackle

Trips TE HB Counter

FL Reverse

Trips Able Flood

Spread HB Screen

Empty Trips Stick

Bunch HB Clearout

Trips Bifold Post

Trips Corner Strike

Trips PA Dig Post

Strong I PA TE Corner

Strong I PA Slide

HB Cutback

Field Goal

Second 5 wins

FB Fake HB Toss

HB Dive Wk

HB Counter

Bunch Flanker Drive

Trips TE Flanker Spot


Motion Cross

WR Wheel

Trips TE WR Corner

Trips TE PA Deep Attack

Spread PA Outs

PA Boot

Trips All Slants

Field Goal

Third 5 wins

45 Base

Trips HB Sweep

Weak I Bifold Counter

FB Flare

Trips HB Screen

Motion Y Stick

Trips Deep Attack

HB Option

Spread Aperture Flags

Trips PA Dig Post

Bunch PA Pin Deep

PA Boot

Strong I PA FL Middle

Field Goal

Fourth 5 wins (and for leaderboard play)

Bunch HB Dive

Trips HB Stretch

Weak I FB Dive



Strong I FB Middle

Hail Mary

Post Corners

Empty Trips Comebacks


PA Clearout

PA All Go

Strong I HB Blast

Field Goal

Fifth 5 wins

HB Mid Draw

HB Off Tackle

End Around

Weak I Deep Curls

Bunch Z Spot

Trips Off QB Dash

Double Hitch

Trips TE Aperture Attack

HB Angle

Strong I PA TE Corner

Trips TE PA Deep Attack

Bunch PA Pin Deep

Trips TE Stick

Field Goal

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