MaddenVip - These are approved custom rosters

Hello everyone, Circ Jerkington 2.0 is searching for new users for Madden 18'!

We're an accustomed alliance that has been calm aback M15 and are searching to aggrandize for new members! We've restarted with approved rosters fabricated by some in fact alarming guys at Operation Football.

These rosters are based on absolute activity PFF grades, so they are aloof and fair. We accept 10 users including myself, and accept just started pre division anniversary 1 in division 1.

If you're searching for a alliance with a fun/active accumulation babble and a acceptable advancing balance, afresh this is your league! We aswell accept no botheration bringing a brace humans forth with you. Granted they are alive and

chase the rules.

We're a 48 hour beforehand league. Beneath are some of the requirements, advice and a account of accessible teams.


-Use the Band App to agenda amateur and communicate.

-Follow the rules

-Have a PS4

-Have fun (it's in fact that simple)

League Rules

Gamer Huddle Page

Teams available

Think of 3 teams you'd like to be and we'll aperture you in. Anniversary aggregation is hyperlinked to its corresponding agenda page.

AFC West: [Broncos], Chargers, Chiefs, Raiders

AFC East: coinss, Dolphins, Patriots, Jets

AFC North: [Steelers], Ravens, Bengals, Browns

AFC South: [Colts], Titans [Texans] Jaguars

NFC West: [Seahawks], 49ers, Cardinals [Rams]

NFC East: [Cowboys], Redskins, [Eagles], [Giants]

NFC South: Falcons [Buccaneers] Saints Panthers

Please advanced me your PSN, and your top 3 teams if interested! I'm searching advanced to arena everyone!

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