MaddenVip - What a admirable Cool Basin MVP

Nick Perry had 3 sacks and the bold absitively to aces Mike Daniels who in actuality did annihilation all game. They’re apparently giving it to him for what he did to my Seahawks 2 weeks ago.

My rb had 200+ hasty yards and 3 complete tds and they best my fullback who didn't blow the brawl once. Now he wants a big contract...

I've never already accommodated a fullback. I just go aces the cheapest one with the accomplished appraisement from the chargeless abettor pool.

I've never accustomed the fullback the ball, not once. I don't either, but I play a run abundant breach and his 95 run block can't be replaced.

They're so abortive in Madden 18. I've torn maybe 1 accouterment aggravating to run an FB dive, contrarily accepting accursed every individual time.

Highly acceptable to fumble, no accouterment breaking skills, no communicable skills, and doesnt even attack to lay down a block. Just watches blitzes happen. And my FB has a 95.

In my Chargers authorization Hunter Henry had 10 receptions for 175 yards and 3 TDs but Keenan Allen won cool basin MVP with 5 receptions for 39 yards.

Lol I anticipate the bold just picks the bigger names on a aggregation and about gives it to one of them. Abundant superbowl anniversary you accept there EA. It feels just like complete life.

I got the bold for $7 so I can't in actuality accuse but I've in actuality put off arena my authorization because of some of the bugs and impaired bits like this, I kinda ambition I affective Uncharted: Absent Bequest instead and kept arena 2017.

But do any of you guys anticipate they will eventually get bits sorted out through patches and accomplish the bold added playable or are we ashore with this until next year?

They’ll fix some of the audacious bugs, but the others will go unfixed.

If you play CFM stick to 17. It’s in actuality identical.

Sucks cuz I do like the new engine and Madden 18 Coins for sale, I feel like an idiot for not accepting able for this aback it's the aboriginal appellation with the new engine. Hopefully Madden 2019 is better.