MaddenVip - What time servers will be traveling down

Anyone apperceive what time servers will be traveling down? I'm acquisitive the achievements will displace as I acquire 5 hours remaining. I'm at 78 percent and aggravating to get my 20th pack.

Also, it didn't accord me acclaim for about 4 achievements. My analysis annual has been ashore at 78 perfect.

Did you accomplishment all the added sections? You can abandoned get a assertive allotment from achievements?

I've completed all but the all-embracing section. I'm ashore at 95 and acquire no adventitious to change that now. So I've been accomplishing the achievements daily. You know, canyon for 400 yards, blitz for a 20 backyard td yards yada.

Well it doesn't say completed. It still has it accent as suggested. I completed 4 added achievements and it's still ashore at 78 percent.

I anticipate it's a mistake. It should acquire confused up to 80 something. Achievements displace in 4 hours. Admiration if it will still stick at 78 or go up.

Wonder if I complete all of them will that even yield me to 100 percent anyway. Ugh, I in fact capital that 20th pack.

In adjustment to get 20 tickets you acquire to complete anniversary category. Sounds like you acquire me out the circadian cold you can still complete them and get the Madden coins but it no best counts arise tickets.

So unless you max out your all-embracing abominably you can't get 20 tickets.

And which backpack should I buy? The best players you can cull are the coaches players and the abandoned way to accomplish coins anymore is through the quicksell set (turn players into trophies, about-face trophies into a quicksell).

That agency that pro packs are in fact your best bet and best blast for the coin. Colossal Packs acquire collectibles that do not acquire abundant bulk unless you in fact are aggravating to complete a TB or Unsung Hero, etc.

I've spent 30 actor on packs in the endure few weeks aggravating to cull coaches ET3. I begin that Colossal Packs were the best if the bargain abode was attainable aback I could advertise the things I pulled and the sets I able (I able about every TB amateur and pulled abounding 87 UHs).

Those would be my two recommendations based on what you're aggravating to get Madden NFL 18 Coins.