MaddenVip - What would you run in my Madden team

With my team,what would you run? A 3-4 or 4-3 and why? So im in a CFM alliance (we consistently play a year abaft could cause my accompany dont in fact buy football games).

Anyways, im consistently bent up Madden Coins amid alive a 4-3 or 3-4. I adulation the 4-3 for burden and the added lineman. I adulation the 3-4 for added advantage on the field.

But i accretion myself consistently disturbing with both, sometimes i dont get abounding canyon hasty with a 3-4 and the QB sits in the abridged for like 15 abnormal OR in a 4-3 i consistently get austere in the boilerplate of the field.

So this is my Linebacking Core and my DL.

RE - Tyrone Holmes 89 OVR, 6'4 82 backbone 87 accouterment 85 block address 81 ability moves 84 acumen moves 85 speed.

DT 1 - Aaron Donald 99 OVR DT 2 - Sheldon Rankins 90 OVR LE - Jadaveon Clowney 97 OVR.

ROLB 1 - Kevin Burke 22 YO (Drafted) 84 OVR 6'0 83 Acceleration 89 Accouterment 84 Block Address 86 Hit Ability 75 Acumen Moves 65 Ability Moves 65 Man Advantage 75 Area Coverage.

ROLB 2 -Telvin Smith 88 Acceleration 87 Accouterment 88 Block Address 76 Acumen Moves 63 Ability Moves 77 Area 75 Man.

MLB 1 - Kwon Alexander 80 Area 75 Man.

MLB 2 - Ryan Shazier 80 Area 65 Man.

LOLB - Shaq Thompson 84 Acceleration 90 Accouterment 88 Block Address 83 Hit ability 85 acumen 76 ability 85 area 80 man.

Like i said, i adopt a 3-4 because of the advantage of the field, but like the 4-3 for the added canyon rushing.

I accept a custom playbook fabricated up of 3-4/4-3/4-4/Nickel/Dime In the 3-4 I use a lot of Bear, Predator, Solid and Odd 4-3 I use normal, over and advanced 9.

So what would you pick? a 3-4 or 4-3?

The way that LBs and bend sealing works in this adventurous makes it so that 4-3 is abounding bigger than 3-4, no bulk the team.

Generally, play out if 46 (the Bengals accept a acceptable abject playbook for 4-3) which brings a assurance into the box. This makes it abounding easier to stop the run (you're about alive a 4-4 with 4-3 personnel) and abbreviate passes.

Out of 46, stick to a awning 3 or awning 1 man for a lot of of the field, and aural 10 yards of the end area about-face to awning 2 invert. Use advantage adjustments to adverse whatever your adversary is application (underneath, press, bandy a DE in coverage), NFL 18 Coins and focus on endlessly the run. If you can stop the run, they'll accept to canyon and anybody makes mistakes in the casual game.