MaddenVip - Why are some players cutting the amiss helmet

There is something about the way they accomplish players abandon that looks awful. If you watch any punt/kick acknowledgment the amateur that is accepting looks abundantly awkward with how they move, so still and robotic.

Pocket casual looks bigger and the O band was aperture up some nice alive lanes. But man those animations acquire not afflicted in far too long.

Why are some players cutting the amiss helmet with a facemask that doesn't even fit it? If you pay absorption to Randall Cobb and Adams, they're cutting a VSR4 with a Revo Acceleration facemask.

Disappointed. Adeptness still buy it, but every individual action I just saw was recycled.

I'm not a programmer, and I apperceive complete little about it, but if they've implemented a new physics engine afresh shouldn't the animations be different?

The alone complete I've taken abroad from 18 so far is that the army looks added astute and the stadiums attending better.

Leads me to accept that Authorization will be about actually like it was endure year. I even noticed that the faces that they use for alien players are still the aforementioned too.

As anyone who's been arresting EA for the accomplished 5 years or so (with both Madden and FIFA) I acquire to say they're authoritative it ambrosial harder to abide amorous about amphitheatre their games.

Packers uniforms attending actually strange. Why are they so done out?

Both teams are application bequest jerseys and the devs acquire said that they didn't get to blow up non Nike jerseys for the new engine.

At 7:05 they still acquire the arrest glitch.

(Clay Matthews: ,2 tackles)

How in the fuck do you not fix that. Isn't that because he doesn't acquire any abandoned tackles but has 2 assisted tackles?

Matthews blew up Trub on that play, by himself, so how could that Madden Mobile Coins acquire been an assisted tackle? I anticipate it's a annihilate in the coding that's been traveling on for over 2 years now.