MaddenVip - Your Madden rebuilds

How are y'alls accepted rebuilds going? I'm currently at the end of abundance with the Chargers, about centermost with the Saints, and just started on my 49ers and jets rebuild.

They're all on the aforementioned alliance all buyer mode. Chargers were bought by Elon Musk year 1 and relocated aback to San Diego in a apple amphitheater which is complete nice on Madden 18.

They're arena in the Superbowl year two with a amateur qb starting over Rivers. Jeff Bezos buyer of Amazon bought the Saints and relocated them to be the San Antonio Saints.

They traded Drew Brees to the Houston Texans and traded for Patrick Maholms as able-bodied as got a new HC.

They absent the playoffs year two but Maholms is advancing forth and they are a abundant searching aggregation on paper. Just able year 1 with jets and 49ers.

Both drafted amateur qbs afterwards division one and afore Joe Montana and Gary Vaynerchuk took them over. Jets QB is a scrambling stud and 49ers QB bent on quick.

If Chargers win Superbowl I'll allegedly focus added on Saints, 49ers and Jets aback San Diego has a Superstar QB already replacing rivers.I would like to agenda I don't user ascendancy amateur usually and will abandoned play if I in actuality ambition to.

I accept not user controlled Chargers so it's appealing air-conditioned to see them accomplishing so able-bodied already. Id adulation to apprehend y'alls clean belief with hopefully added data than abundance with stats, belief etc. I'll be afterlight abundance later.

I took over the Jaguars and put all development arise Bortles, Fournette, and Ramsey. 4 Air-conditioned Bowls in 9 years ain’t too bad.

When in CFM menu, columnist down the appropriate stick and a card will appear, you can afresh create/control addition character. A alliance maxes out at 32 controlled characters.

Every year my associate and I accept a alliance that we play on and off for the continuance of Madden and I'm accepting a bang with it. We just able the year 2025, I'm the 49ers and he's the Texans. We met in the Air-conditioned Bowl endure year and he exhausted me by a touchdown, this year we met in the Air-conditioned Bowl afresh but I exhausted him 45-7.

I Live the aggregation I congenital and it's accepting to the point t area rookies I've drafted are able 30 years old. Brace of addendum from the 2017 abstract class, Desean Watson is a stud, MVP akin QB and at age 30 Solomon Thomas is a sack abroad from passing Lawrence Taylor on the all time sack account with 132. All in all allegedly the a lot of fun I've had in a franchise.

I drafted one in the 1st in 2021 and he's been in actuality solid, he doesn't about-face the brawl over a lot which is all I allegation because I drafted a RB in the 3rd in 2019 who adeptness end up accepting the greatest RB of all time.

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