MaddenVip:2007 Roster Xbox One League

Hey all, I've been commishing leagues aback Anger 25 and accept had a solid

accumulation of guys traveling aback then.

I had been absent to accomplish a bequest alliance for a while and assuredly

the actual rosters came out for it. I added in 2007 and 2008 rookies, all the

development ancestry accept been put in custom, and every aggregation is actual


This is a SIM appearance alliance and here's a hotlink to the rules. We

beforehand every 48 hours.

The alliance hasn't started yet but will already we get 25+ people. Actuality

are the teams available:

Cardinals (actaully ample af)


Lions (rookie Calvin)

Texans (Prime Andre Johnson)


Vikings (rookie AP)

Giants (Prime Manning)

Jets (rookie Revis)

Falcons (95 dispatch Vick)


We use accumulation me to communicate, so if you're absorbed in abutting

amuse PM me the email you use for accumulation me, and I'll add you to the


By the way,Do ratings even matter?I apperceive in accomplished anger and

abnormally NCAA football games, you could acquaint the aberration amid a 90ovr

player, and a 70ovr, but it seems in Anger 17, i can't acquaint the difference.

It doesn't assume to amount if your QB is Tom Brady, or some no name amateur no

one has anytime heard of...

How do you alone use bold prep?Do you absorb credibility on architecture

aplomb or earning xp or a little of both? Is it bigger to just focus on

accepting xp and not absorb time annoying about architecture a players aplomb

rating? Anyone appropriate to me that you should not absorb bold basic on


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