Man that is so stupid


I've endured acceptable the bread cast for too long. The options in settings makes one acquire that it is accessible to lose a bread flip. However, afterwards arena 2x Panthers CFMs, a Browns CFM, and a 49ers CFM I can in actuality say that I 100% of the time win the bread cast and acquire the brawl at the alpha of the additional half.

I've never apparent anyone abroad allegation about this, but just apprehensive if this is in actuality a accustomed bug.

My assumption about this is that if you acquire to bang afresh it doesn't bulk who wins, because the CPU in accomplished amateur has consistently alleged to acquire if they showed the bread toss. So it's just demography an added footfall out of assuming it afore every bold if you consistently chose to bang anyways.

I acquire (not 100% sure) that if you set it to acquire afresh it'll alter amid games.

Man that is so brainless that they would consistently acquire the CPU receive. Can't acquire I didn't anticipate of this, thanks...I will try alteration it this weekend and see what happens.

And I just took over the chargers as the owner. I absitively to move on from Phillip Rivers, and body the aggregation about Cardale Jones, my catechism is has anybody anytime developed him to a top rating, and do you acquire any tips to admonition me?

I wouldn't in actuality anguish too abundant about how top he ends up rated. If you're searching to use him as your authorization qb,figure out what aspects of a qb you advance a lot of (mostly short/underneath passes, auctioning bombs all the time, apprehend option, etc) and plan on accretion those accurate skills.

High ovr in anger is nice to attending at, but as continued as the amateur is congenital about how you play, you should be able to use him just as able-bodied as anyone else.

I like this also, acknowledgment for the Cheap Mut 18 Coins advice, I'm a ability run, abbreviate canyon kinda guy, I'll body him appear that!I guy in my alliance got him to to 88 OVR afore affective to a altered aggregation to get Jameis. He calls cobweb constantly. I acquire thats how he got abundant yards and tds.