My RB has 84 in Madden NFL 18 Coins,MUT Coins Sale -  I'm analytical to see your bound ends and cornerbacks. For some reason,

their acceleration is sapped in anniversary consecutive abstract class(the

fastest bound ends top out at 80, the corners at 88 or so), not to

acknowledgment the corners are all appreciably bigger in area than in man.

Acceptable corners in accepted accept about disappeared, even with the aloft


  I feel like the abridgement of assortment at added positions has appeared

as well, with abounding of the aforementioned actualization amateur assuming up

at the abstract over and over again.I've yet to acquisition a bend account even

bisected a shit. I drafted some actually acceptable safeties the endure two

years, but I anticipate both my corners now are about 77 overall.

  My TE is addition story. Superstar dev, drafted him 7 or 8 years ago and

he's about a 90 all-embracing now. Huge, communicable TE, actual agnate to

Kelce, which is who I was replacing.

  I've apparent a few 88 acceleration TEs, and those are about the best as

they still absorb acceptable acceleration as it declines.Interesting that a lot

of are adeptness backs And absorbing that there's none with crazy acceleration

like 96.

  From a lot of humans I allocution to about the bold they accept to like

acceleration added to cheese runs alfresco and run accomplished anybody on


  But I acquisition trucking and annealed arm breaking tackles so abundant

added reliable and don't get pancaked to the arena as anon as you're affected

like the abate acceleration guys.

  I agree, I anticipate trucking is way added acceptable than outrunning

everyone.My RB has 84 acceleration but already he break a aperture and trucks a

apostle he will outrun anybody abroad on the field of MUT Coins.