Navigating the Halls of Reflection in Wrath of the Lich King Classic


The release of Icecrown Citadel in Wrath of the Lich King Classic has been a momentous occasion for fans of World of Warcraft. Alongside this iconic raid, players can now explore the associated dungeons that must be completed in a specific order. One of these dungeons is the Halls of Reflection, the third and final installment in the trio. In this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know to effortlessly clear Halls of Reflection on both normal and heroic difficulty in WoTLK Classic.

Halls of Reflection Basics

Halls of Reflection is only accessible to level 80 characters. However, it's important to note that the mechanics remain identical on both normal and heroic difficulties. The primary difference lies in the mobs' health, damage, and the quality of loot dropped in the heroic version.

Upon entering the instance, players need to wait for a brief moment until Sylvanas or Jaina runs into the room. This triggers a quest hand-in and initiates a section of roleplay. Fortunately, this roleplay can be skipped after completing the dungeon once by choosing a special dialogue option when speaking to your faction's NPC.

The Lich King eventually enters the room and summons unattackable ghosts. At the top of your screen, you'll notice a spear wave counter, which functions similarly to the waves in the Calling of Stratholme. You must clear four waves of trash mobs before facing the first boss on Wave five.


The Mob Waves

These waves feature various mob types, and the composition is randomized, so you won't encounter every mob type in each wave. Understanding the mechanics of these mobs is essential to success:

Ghostly Priests: Prioritize killing these mobs as they periodically cast "Dark Mending," a healing spell that should be interrupted. They can also fear a DPS or healer for 4 seconds and cast "Circle of Destruction," which damages and knocks back players.

Shadowy Mercenaries: These mobs can stun the tank with "Kidney Shot" and apply a stacking poison that should be cleansed. They also use "Instant Venom Dagger Throw," dealing poison and a slow. Their "Shadow Step" ability can teleport them to a random player and deal moderate damage, and this damage can pierce immunities.

Spectral Footmen: They use "Spectral Strike" on the tank, which ignores armor and apply "Tortured Enrage" to increase their attack speed. "Shield Bash" deals light damage and interrupts spells cast by players in proximity.

Phantom Mages: Alternating between frostbolt and fireball on the tank, they occasionally use "Chains of Ice" on the tank, rooting them. Their "Flame Strike" ability damages the group and leaves a damaging patch. "Hallucination" makes them summon an add, which explodes on death.

Tortured Riflemen: They use "Auto Shot" on the tank and can apply a "Cursed Shot" to increase magic damage received. "Ice Shot" stuns a random non-tank player. They place a "Freezing Trap" that slows anyone walking over it.


The Boss Encounters

After the first set of waves, you'll face the first boss, Falric. His mechanics include:

"Hopelessness": Applies a stacking damage and healing reduction to the group.
"Quivering Strike": Deals heavy damage to the tank and reduces dodge chance.
"Impending Despair": A magic debuff that stuns the target if not dispelled.
"Defiling Horror": Fears the entire group and inflicts Shadow damage.
Wave 10 brings you Marwyn, who has a straightforward set of abilities:

"Obliterate": Deals heavy physical damage to the tank.
"Well of Corruption": Does not damage players but applies a Shadow damage taken debuff.
"Corrupted Flesh": Reduces maximum health of the group by 50%.
"Shared Suffering": A DOT that deals ticking damage, which can be dispelled.

After these boss encounters, you'll encounter a mini-boss named Frostsworn General, whose unique ability spawns reflection ads. Defeat him in a specific location to avoid these ads and their "Spirit Burst" ability.


Finally, the grand escape from Arthas, Sylvanas, or Jaina occurs in the final boss encounter. The Lich King menacingly advances, and players must defeat waves of ads to escape the tunnel. Failure to do so will result in a group wipe as the Lich King catches up. The encounter is straightforward, but players need to be cautious with the lumbering abominations' abilities.

Navigating the Halls of Reflection in Wrath of the Lich King Classic offers a mix of mechanics, roleplay, and boss encounters. Understanding the mob types and their abilities, as well as the tactics for each boss, is essential for a successful run. Whether you're playing on normal or heroic difficulty, mastering this dungeon is a significant accomplishment on your journey through Azeroth.

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