Never been in an online league

MMOgo Madden Mobile Coins - I've noticed on some online authorization leagues that "roster dumping" is not allowed. I've never been in an online alliance so I'm not 100% on what that is. Is that trading abroad all your acceptable players for a lot of abstract picks, like a blaze sale? Why is this bad?

Roster auctioning is carefully absolution every amateur on a accustomed team. It is frowned aloft because it about handicaps the aggregation and a abettor either has to go Madden Mobile Coins in and adapt all the affairs and abandon all the players or, as was the case in one of the leagues I'm in, restart the league.

I see. Because I begin a YouTube approach area a guy traded all his players over 70 in a blaze auction and clean the aggregation with abstract picks and I've done that with individual amateur franchises but never online. Was just analytical to see if anyone would ban me from an online alliance if I approved that.

Madden Mayhem is a 32 user CFM alliance that is still in Analysis 1. Sadly our abstract has already taken place, but the two teams actual accept appropriate rosters, and it's still aboriginal abundant in the analysis to accomplish a push. If absorbed amuse dm me (or just animadversion if you don't care) your email and I'll get you added into our Slack. Advances are 48 hours and actuality are our alliance rules.

We accept a DaddyLeagues and are maybe analytic into starting a podcast up.

The Two One Aggregation is the



Click the aggregation names to see their rosters.

Edit: Forgot to acknowledgment this is an Xbox One League.

I can advanced you an allure to the league, but I charge your email too. We acquaint through Slack, Madden 17 Coins so that's how you'll bulletin your opponents. The allure to the Slack accumulation is done via email. Aswell Ravens got taken, so hopefully you're good with Chargers.