Never paid any attention


It's an blank by the programmers. They abstract a TE because it's a position of need. But the developer forgot (or did so incorrectly) to clue what the aggregation has drafted, afterlight the needs Madden Mobile Coins. So let's say the aggregation had 0 TEs.

Obviously it's a need. But the CPU absolutely ignores the actuality that a TE (or 4) was already drafted. Still a position of charge to the CPU.

EA has the aforementioned botheration with FIFA as well. If a aggregation needs a striker they end up affairs every striker in sight, and afresh arena the guys on their agenda too.

I never noticed that. Never paid any attention. It's appealing simple to discount these types of checking. But it's simple to fix as well, and if they don't apperceive about, the association managers charge to be replaced.

If that were the case wouldn't this appear in every individual draft?

It does. back Madden doesn't accept a abstract board, humans in my alliance get pissed if they can't accomplish their own picks because they apperceive the CPU will abstract them 3 of the aforementioned position.

Start searching at the rosters appropriate afterwards the abstract and seeing who was drafted. You'll apprehension it.

Something agnate happened to me the added day. The Browns had the aboriginal all-embracing aces in the draft, as able-bodied as the 8th pick. They took two quarterbacks.

One 79 all-embracing with superstar development. The added 82 with accustomed development. And now they barter them both for a adept DT at 85 overall.

I approved to barter for one of NFL 18 Coins. They were starting the college overall/lower development guy. They wouldn't yield annihilation reasonable for either guy.

He concluded up acceptable amateur of the year and now they accept two 23 year old superstar development quarterbacks that they will not trade. The anti-browns.