New World: The combination of FS/BB with pestilence


Can we cease our tinkering with healing and instead grant more character builds access to diseases? Bile bomb, plagued strikes, and plagued critical hits don't seem to be sufficient.

Heartrunes lack the necessary consistency for diseases due to their limited uptime. Plagued strikes are too easy to dodge, making them an ineffective means of infection. Plagued critical hits are only truly effective with weapons like the blunderbuss, which require both high critical chance and burst damage. You can improve the properties of your weapons by purchasing New World Gold coins from for the purpose.

The combination of FS/BB with pestilence is currently well-positioned in the meta, thanks to its access to burst damage, disease, and exhaust effects. This is especially true with the recent nerfs to consumables and the increasing reliance on dodges to avoid incoming damage.

The ongoing issues surrounding the nerfs to consumables, shirking heals, and calls for healer nerfs could be simplified if diseases weren't limited to their effectiveness on VG (only when scream is active) or the new pestilence artifact.

We could spend the entire season trying to balance Shirk Heals, consumables, and the life staff, but people will still complain because diseases are so restricted. At what point will AGS allow us to take more responsibility for managing healing instead of pretending to have all the answers?

Just an FYI, Plagued Strikes are only easy to avoid if you're predictable with your heavy attacks. Several melee weapons can perform half-charged heavy attacks, significantly increasing their attack speed. Switching between full-charged and half-charged heavies can confuse your opponent's timing and lead to more successful hits.

You can also cancel your heavy attacks with a block, which often results in your opponent wasting a dodge and depleting their stamina, making it easier to pursue them or wear them down.

Regarding plagued critical hits, it's essential to remember that ALL backstabs count as critical hits. Typically, when fighting a healer or someone with low health, they will attempt to flee, providing you with opportunities for free shots at their back and guaranteed critical hits.

The issue isn't necessarily that Plagued Strikes or Plagued Critical Hits are ineffective; it's more that 90% of people are unwilling to sacrifice a damage-boosting perk for more utility.

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