​Newbie Question approximately Scouting and Percentages


I simply offered Madden for the primary time for the reason that 2015 generation. Got it for the PS4 at the Black Friday sale. To say I'm mystified through the scouting technique is an understatement. I actually have such a lot of questions, even after looking some of YouTube videos, that I'm now no longer certain wherein to begin. So I think I'll begin right here...

As prescribed, I've fired and employed scouts primarily based totally on (a) my group desires and (b) the energy of positions in every location. I began out the season off with 2 inexperienced binoculars at the left facet of the display screen (i.e. my scout's call and know-how) and a pair of inexperienced binoculars at the proper facet of the display screen (i.e. the location's strengths and weaknesses. So, right here are my questions:

1, I notion that the inexperienced binoculars imply I've were given a sturdy in shape among a scout's know-how and a location's positional energy. Red binoculars imply that there may be a mismatch among the . Is this accurate? If now no longer, what do the ones binoculars imply?

- That's accurate, aleven though it is essential to word that that is simply primarily based totally on wherein the gamers are ranked withinside the draft and now no longer their real skills / ability. If there is a hidden gem withinside the spherical three-four variety they might not assist the location rank as noticeably as a R1 man who could be a bust.

2, As I development thru the season, abruptly the matching inexperienced binocualrs on each facets of my scouting display screen have disappeared. In truth, one has grew to become purple. Do I want to be transferring scouts round or converting their consciousness throughout the season? I do not even suppose you could do this, can you?

- I'm now no longer certain why they could exalternate. Prospects do pass up and down the board over the direction of the season, so it is viable that sufficient gamers moved to show a energy right into a weak point. Or as an instance in case you selected OLB and LOLB become sturdy however ROLB become impartial or vulnerable, and gamers moved down the draft board, that would have performed it. But no, you can't pass scouts after week 1 or exalternate their consciousness after weeks three/eight.

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FWIW normally I could advise focusing your scouting on regions of weak point or excessive-price positions in case you do not have already got superstars at the ones positions.x For instance if a location has lots of pinnacle QBs however you've got got Pat Mahomes you do not want to get a QB targeted scout simply due to the fact they are sturdy there. Personally I like seeking to see if a location has lots of gamers withinside the second spherical to D3 variety, when you consider that it truly is much more likely wherein you are going to locate price is later withinside the draft. Also searching on the applicable physicals is essential (use the week 1 trick wherein you could rent and hearthplace any scout and vicinity them in a location to get a sneak peek at gamers) when you consider that elite athletes are much more likely to have hidden dev trends.