No way a Ability Aback of that caliber


This is appealing acutely MUT Coins edited. No way a Ability Aback of that ability has dispatch that top and trucking/stiff arm that low.Got eeeeem!~

Except it's a absolute amateur in the alliance that I commission. No alteration done, but all real. It's a candied aces at #6 overall.

Interesting theory. I was cerebration this guy addled gold but apprehensive why he didn't appearance the awning attempt of if he was drafted like a lot of guys do. RB looks like a barbarian but I see what you are saying.

It is a absolute pick. We were all aflame for him because no one abroad in our alliance has apparent this affectionate of RB, but we didn't charge one and he did.

Honestly because I didn't anticipate about demography a screenshot, I never planned on even administration until the allowance asked if I took a screenshot. I got his amalgamate bits as well. I'll say it again, non-edited.

I am the abettor of this alliance and I Saw The Aloof Report of him as well. No one abroad has abettor admission in our alliance and I saw the pick. Not fake, all real:

Patrick Thompkins

Projected backward first, aptitude backward first

Skill 1 - Juke Move A-

Skill 2 - BC Vision A-

Skill 3 - Carrying A-

40 time - 4.36

Vert - 34.1

3 cone - 6.89

Shuttle - 4.15

Bench Reps - 19

So.etimes the amateur types get alloyed up, already i had a 6-2 230 batter rb but his blazon was one cut. He had archetypal ability aback stats. That guy is in fact added of a Madden NFL 17 Coins balanced.

That's what I ample was the case. He isn't a ability aback in fact but that's what Anger labeled him as. I was just blessed to get him.