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The rapid degradation of armor in Palworld has become a pervasive concern among players, notably during the early stages of the game. It is a prevailing sentiment that armor breaks too swiftly, prompting suggestions to adjust the factor to 1.5 to 2 times its current rate. This issue is particularly pronounced in the early game, creating a notable impediment to the overall gaming experience. Notably, the durability of armor only diminishes when damage is sustained with a broken shield. As players progress and acquire larger shields, the need for frequent repairs diminishes, thereby alleviating resource strain. While the frustration stemming from armor durability is acknowledged, there is a consensus that the situation improves as the game advances.

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However, it is evident that the game requires extensive balancing, with repair costs emerging as a significant culprit in the ongoing issue. Players express reluctance in constructing legendary early-game armor, even with the acquisition of a scroll, anticipating the frequent breakdowns that necessitate the consumption of ancient civilization scrolls for repairs. A key recommendation is to slow down the rate at which armor deteriorates and simultaneously reduce the costs associated with repairing it. One proposed solution involves removing scrolls from the repair materials, opting for a more streamlined approach by reducing costs across the board, ideally one tier below the current pricing structure. The sentiment is that the current scenario is somewhat counterintuitive, with players waiting until the refinement of metal before deeming armor worthwhile.

Observations of player behavior reveal a tendency to engage in combat with armor one to two tiers below the recommended level. This approach exposes them to significant risks, as shields are easily shattered in a single hit, resulting in pervasive damage to all elements of their armor. A consensus emerges that shields, in particular, should require multiple hits to break when they are at the recommended tier, fundamentally altering the dynamics of combat and the durability of equipment.

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A parallel concern is highlighted regarding players who, in an effort to conserve resources, persist in using lower-tier weapons, such as a green crossbow, when more potent options like the musket are available. The initial expense associated with advanced weaponry deters some players, leading them to opt for cheaper alternatives and subsequently incur higher repair costs for their armor. A universal sentiment asserts that every upgrade, be it shields, weapons, or armor, is a worthwhile investment to maintain combat effectiveness. Emphasizing the importance of prioritizing top-tier shields and weapons at all times is seen as essential for sustainable success in the game.

Additionally, a significant portion of the player base appears to be unaware of the existence of merchants, such as the one located at the volcano fishing village. These merchants offer crucial items like ammunition, providing a valuable resource that can be easily overlooked. Furthermore, some players may overcommit to breeding activities, dedicating excessive resources to building a full breeding base. This decision often results in a shortage of materials and food at other bases, leading to a perpetual struggle for resources. A recommendation is made to strike a balance between breeding and resource production, ensuring that the player's overall economy remains robust and sustainable.

In conclusion, the overarching concern regarding the swift degradation of armor in Palworld warrants attention and adjustment. The proposed solutions include slowing down the armor deterioration rate, reducing repair costs, and emphasizing the importance of utilizing top-tier shields and weapons. Additionally, promoting awareness of merchant locations and advocating for a balanced approach to breeding and resource production are crucial elements in enhancing the overall gaming experience.

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