Path of Exile: How to Design Your Own Progression Equipment


Have you ever felt like in a new area with your head high but then realize that you're not able to deal with the same amount of damage in a single go? Or perhaps your adversaries are more difficult to defeat when they appear to knock off with ease? It's possible that you don't realize However, most of the time, the issue lies with the equipment you use, not the level of your character. Be aware that it could cost a lot of PoE currency to upgrade your equipment. In addition, you need to be able to control your orbs effectively.

Crafting is another way that people who are SSF (solo self-founded) players can progress since they aren't able to PoE trade with other players. Here's how to craft your gear for progression.

Know Vendor Recipes

It is possible to exchange equipment and items in specific combinations to obtain additional items or gear. There are numerous vendor recipes, however, you'll only need to learn the basics of crafting.

Here are the recipes to cook the following:

Scroll Fragment - sell a normal (white) item

Transmutation Shard - you can sell one mysterious (blue) item

Alteration Shard - Sell a known magical (blue) product. The price varies based on the mods of the item.

Armorer's Scrap - Sell all of the armor products (chest piece or gloves, helmet, and boots) with a combined quality of 40 percent. It doesn't matter whether they're identifiable or not, but because you're selling them, it's better to keep the items unidentified.

Orb of Alchemy Sells three items with the same basic type (i.e. they are all Plate Vests) with each having a quality of 20. It is best to keep them unidentified since you'll get more orbs that are that

The three forms are the Scroll of Wisdom, Orb of Transmutation, and Orb of Alteration respectively once you've collected enough. The scroll lets you recognize the items. For the orbs, the first one allows you to transform an ordinary item into a magical item, while the second modifies the effects for a magical item. The Armourer's Scraps improve the quality of armor. It is also possible to PoE trade three of them to purchase a Blacksmith's Whetstone which is the weapon equivalent of the item. This PoE Orb of Alchemy transforms an ordinary item into an uncommon. In the end, you need these to create your very own objects.

When you traverse maps and advance in your level you'll find numerous items and gear. It's not easy to sort through them all in one go to decide which items you should use. To make it easier for you, determine the most effective equipment. For instance, if, for example, you've chosen that your build will utilize bows, then you should skip any other weapon. You can sell them via vendor recipes or through other players. Similar to armor. Just identify the are the ones you're most likely to use and then modify the designs accordingly.

You can easily reroll rare items using the Chaos Orb. But, if you come across an ordinary item with excellent links, it could be the foundation for a more well-crafted item. The steps below outline how to make a typical-rarity item.

Make use of blacksmith's Whetstones as well as Armourer's Scraps. The rarer an item is, the higher the number of them you'll need to work with to achieve the top quality.

Utilize the Orb of Transmutation to turn it into a magical rarity item.

Utilize the Orbs of Alteration or Augmentation to alter the effects of the item.

Make use of a Regal Orb to increase the value of your item (from magical orbs to rarities).

Alternatively, you can Scraps/whetstones can be used.

Make use of the Orb of Alchemy to jump rare items from normal to rare.

Utilize Chaos Orbs to roll mods.

Prioritize upgrading or crafting your armor and weapon over other accessories. Also, search for quality equipment that can be linked to make use of your skills more effectively. Don't get too caught up on the rare items you can find in farming! It's often worth making your own. You can apply them to your next character or offer the items to others in a PoE trade.

It isn't easy because of the RNG component in the process of altering the mods for the product. Be patient (if you have the money) or know when to make compromises. You'll always be able to farm additional PoE orbs to use regardless. If you're getting really frustrated or bored buying from other players is always available even if you don't have the SSF flag. In other cases, you'll need some time off from crafting.

These items are crafted to help tide up until you can purchase an original PoE that is compatible with your design or higher quality ones. Keep in mind that you'll replace them in the near future so that you don't have to search for the ideal mods for your build.

Happy crafting and playing!