POE - ​4 new friends looking for advice


POE - 4 new friends looking for advice... We are 4 friends starting the game tomorrow night, we are all excited and a bit new to modern games in this genre (I was played Diablo 2 when we were kids). We're cold-blooded and not experimental, but many of the tips I've seen suggest using the build for our first game.

Is it necessary? Can we just focus on passive plants, since I heard it's hard to recover late game? I chose a version from Maxroll but my friends don't like them, some versions are picked from youtube videos and some don't. Do you have any suggestions? We don't want to get overwhelmed with builds.

Some thing:

You should set expectations for what you need outside help. At least at the start. PoE is a game that people will spend hundreds of hours before they even begin to understand it. There are so many options and things to consider that an optimized version and one that some random thrower have 1000x different power.

We were on Magic and one guy decided to start buying cards over $20 and blew everyone away. It wasn't very fun after that. So try to keep everyone on the same page for a while. Also, people need to be careful where they get their advice. There are a lot of crappy clickbait that can really waste your time. This submarine is a good starting point. Maxwell is also legal.

If you think your team can handle it, I recommend blindfolded just to feel things. Understand that people will likely have to restart their toons after a while. But if people know, it can help.

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