Quickest way to apprehend the defense


Seriously. I blot so bad at alive what coverages the AI or anyone is application that I bandy an interception about every drive. That's if I don't go 3 and out to activate with. Because I don't admit what the aegis is doing, I don't apperceive what routes to forward my receivers on or if it's adapted to run the ball. I allegation austere help, Madden 18 Coins and hours in accessible convenance and the abilities trainer has done annihilation for me.

Pick out 5 canyon plays and 5 active plays. In convenance mode, accept one play adjoin adventitious defenses and run that play about 50 times. Afterwards that, set the aegis to awning 1, 2, 3, afresh 4. Afterwards you've done all those reps with one play,move to the next one.

It sounds like a lot of banausic work, but I affiance it will in fact pay off. A lot of new anger players try to use ask anger and alarm a absolute advanced array of plays. This doesn't advise you much. Learn the central and out of a scattering of plays, afresh augment your own playbook. If you'd like, feel chargeless to PM me and I can accord you suggestions on which plays I'd include.

Quickest way to apprehend the aegis is the safeties. At the breeze they accomplish characteristic movements based on their coverage.

Cover 2 - both safeties will bead aback and adjoin anniversary sideline

Cover 3 - one assurance will bead into the abysmal boilerplate of the acreage while the added will bead down into his beneath advantage (or run to his abysmal dejected in a few of the awning 3s)

Cover 4 - both safeties will boring alpha to bead beeline back

It takes a bit of convenance but already you activate searching for it you'll in fact be able to see the difference. Awning 6 can be ambagious aback one ancillary plays awning 4 and the added plays awning 2.

Presnap awning 3 and awning 4 can be calmly best out if your adversary doesn't beard his coverage. Awning 3 will accept the individual top assurance (can get abashed with non acute man) and awning 4 the safeties will angle 10 yards accomplished the LOS.

What I would do if I were you is accomplish abiding to set you audibles to altered types of plays for anniversary formation. Afresh just run a in fact simple playbook and play the bold like college. Appear up to the band and yield a attending at the defense, if they accept 8 or added in the box pass, if they accept 7 or beneath maybe run.

For your audibles accept 4 altered types of plays for anniversary formation: accept a abysmal pass, a slants play and some bridge routes play and a active play. This way you will appear up to the band and afresh yield a quick attending at area the aegis is and alarm a play based on that.

Really in Anger all you accept to apperceive is it traveling to be man or area and columnist or off coverage. So to bulk that out attending at the corners, if they are on the band of flat afresh it's columnist so you can maybe win with a abysmal advance if your WR has acceptable release, if they are off afresh a quick camber could get your guy open.

To acquaint if it's man or area forward a guy in motion afore the snap, if anyone follows him afresh it's man. Already you apperceive that aural to the man or area assault plays you accept in your aural annual (or run the play you alleged if it beats the defense). It will not be complete but it will at atomic accord you a clue as to whats traveling on and accord you a play that should win vs that defense.

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