Ravendawn Online: Maximizing Silver Gain through Mining and Monster Farming


Welcome, adventurers, to a new analysis in Ravendawn Online! In this great article, we will dive into the fascinating world of earning Ravendawn Silver per hour and how to optimize our strategy to obtain the most gold possible. Remember to leave your like, subscribe and, starting with this article, we will greet the first five people who comment. Join me on this exciting adventure!

Introduction to Farming in Ravendawn Online

Before we dive into the detailed calculation of our hourly earnings, it is crucial to understand the mechanics of farming in Ravendawn Online. The narrator shows us his routine, which includes clearing the mine on the first round and spending the second round farming monsters to gain experience and additional Silver.

Additionally, he highlights the use of a trinket that increases the chance of receiving 100 Silver every time you kill a monster. This strategy turns out to be a smart tactic to maximize profits.

Resource Farming and Leveling Strategies

The narrator exposes his farming routine in a mine, where he levels up his characters and improves their mining skills. After leaving the mine, he plans to hold a Blast Meeting to create ingots and continue his Silver earning strategy.

Results of an Hour of Farming

After an hour of farming, the narrator shows us his results and embarks on a calculation session to determine his profit. He lists the amount of resources collected, including Stone, Copper, Iron, Coal, and Salt.

The calculation reveals that he has obtained 182 Stones, 126 Copper, 96 Iron, 75 Coal, and 442 Salt. The narrator then goes on to examine the current prices of these resources on the in-game market.

Calculation of Profits and Market Prices

With the data in hand, the narrator makes a detailed calculation of his potential earnings. He mentions the current prices of Copper, Stone, Iron, Coal, and Salt on the in-game market, noting that Copper sells for 110, Stone for 117, Iron for 300, Coal for 339, and Salt for 33.

After doing the math, the narrator gets an average of 90.37 Silver per resource. He then multiplies this figure by the number of resources collected to get an estimate of his total profit.

Conclusion and Future Strategies

After an hour of farming, the narrator has accumulated approximately 97,000 Silver. This, added to the experience gained and the Blast Meeting activity, makes the strategy quite profitable.

Enthusiastically, the narrator concludes that it is possible to earn at least 100,000 Silver per hour with this strategy. He highlights the versatility of his approach, as he not only focuses on gaining Silver but also on improving character skills and levels.

Final conclusion

Ravendawn Online is presented as a game full of opportunities for those looking to maximize their profits. The combination of mining, monster farming, and specific strategies such as using trinkets proves to be effective for those looking to accumulate wealth and experience in the game.

For players interested in optimizing their strategies, this article offers valuable insights and a look at tactics that can be applied to achieve notable results or buy Ravendawn Silver at MMOexp. Don't miss the future adventures of this intrepid storyteller in Ravendawn Online!