Ravendawn: Solo or Small scale PvP as a melee feels terrible


Embarking on this discussion, I'd like to emphasize that the sentiments expressed here are purely subjective, shared by others with whom I've conversed about the matter. In the realm of Ravendawn, engaging in solo or small-scale PvP as a melee character often proves to be a disheartening experience.

Ravendawn: Solo or Small scale PvP as a melee feels terrible

The inherent challenge lies in the disparity faced by melee fighters when attempting to combat opponents in the open world. The vexing issue of being continuously kited places melee combatants at a distinct disadvantage, rendering them unable to inflict substantial damage. Even when melee characters manage to land hits, the damage dealt is frequently eclipsed by the barrage they endure from ranged adversaries. Compounding this problem are the numerous slows at the disposal of ranged classes, creating a formidable obstacle for melee combatants. The limited number of gap-closing abilities exacerbates the situation, as once these are exhausted and the melee fighter remains slowed, reaching the adversary becomes an insurmountable task, often resulting in being systematically kited to defeat.

While navigating this predicament, it remains uncertain what the optimal solution might be. However, several potential suggestions have surfaced within the community:

1, Nerfing Ranged Class Slows: One proposed solution involves addressing the prevalence of slows among ranged classes. By implementing a reduction in the effectiveness of these slows, the intention is to mitigate the ease with which opponents can kite melee characters.

2, Increasing Melee Damage for PvP: Another suggestion aims to balance the scales by enhancing the damage output of melee characters in PvP situations. This adjustment seeks to compensate for the periods during which melee fighters struggle to land hits, ensuring that when they do connect, the impact is more substantial.

3, Introducing Melee Damage Staggers/Slow Effects: A nuanced proposal suggests incorporating effects within melee damage that either stagger or slow the target. While acknowledging the existence of passive skills that offer slowing effects, some argue that making such passives mandatory diminishes the overall gameplay experience. This suggestion advocates for a more integrated approach to ensure that melee characters have effective tools to address the kiting issue.

As recounted through personal experience playing as a Dark Knight at level 35, engaging in constant skirmishes within the war channel has illuminated these challenges. The aim of this discourse is not only to express individual grievances but also to initiate a dialogue within the Ravendawn community. Seeking insights and alternative perspectives, it is crucial to explore potential avenues for improvement in the melee PvP experience. Whether through the implementation of suggested solutions or the emergence of innovative ideas, the collaborative effort of the community may pave the way for a more gratifying and balanced combat environment for melee characters in the ever-evolving world of Ravendawn.

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