Reimagining Hunter Melee Abilities: Carve and Flanking Strike Overhaul


As the WoW Classic Season of Discovery unfolds, melee Hunters find themselves yearning for a thematic experience that seamlessly integrates both 2-hand and dual-wield playstyles. This call for change echoes in the desire for enhancements to two core abilities: Carve and Flanking Strike. By infusing versatility and dynamism into these abilities, the melee Hunter experience can be elevated, creating a more engaging and satisfying gameplay.

1. Carve: Transforming a Mundane Move into a Dynamic Weapon

Current Limitations:
Carve, in its current state, lacks the punch and excitement that players seek. With its meager damage output and absence of secondary effects, it falls short of delivering the visceral experience players crave in melee combat.

Proposed Transformation:
The revamped Carve aims to infuse dynamism into the ability. The proposal suggests altering Carve to not only deal damage but also spread the Sting poison effect from the primary target to all enemies in front of the Hunter. This modification introduces a strategic layer, enabling players to engage in a "Range weave," applying Serpent Sting and tactically spreading it to all melee targets in their forward-facing cone.

Revised Carve Ability:

Carve - A sweeping attack that strikes all enemies in front of you for 25% of attack power as damage and spreads the Sting poison effect of your primary target to all targets in front of you.

2. Flanking Strike: From Clunky to Cohesive Dual-Wield Mastery

Current Challenges:
Flanking Strike, in its current iteration, faces challenges with its clunky mechanics and lack of proper support for dual-wield playstyles. The ability's secondary effect is not only confusing but also fails to function seamlessly, creating a suboptimal experience for melee Hunters.

Proposed Dual-Wield Support:
To address these concerns, the proposal suggests a transformation of Flanking Strike to cater to both 2-hand and dual-wield preferences. When wielding a 2-hand weapon, the ability will deal weapon damage, while in a dual-wield scenario, it will unleash an attack with both weapons. The secondary effect gains clarity by allowing the use of Mongoose Bite, irrespective of dodging an attack, adding more depth to PvE rotations. Additionally, introducing a reset mechanic to Flanking Strike enhances its frequency, making it more integral to the melee Hunter's toolkit.

Revised Flanking Strike Ability:

Flanking Strike - You and your pet attack simultaneously, dealing weapon damage with 2-hand weapons or attacking with both weapons while dual-wielding. After a successful attack, you can use Mongoose Bite. Mongoose Bite has a 20% chance to reset the cooldown of Flanking Strike.

Additional Scaling for Mongoose Bite:

Scaling with Attack Power:
To further elevate the impact of Mongoose Bite and align it with the Hunter's overall power progression, the proposal suggests scaling the ability with Attack Power, providing a satisfying synergy with the Hunter's growth.

Conclusion: Crafting a Cohesive and Dynamic Melee Experience

In reimagining Carve and Flanking Strike, the goal is to breathe new life into the melee Hunter archetype. By introducing dynamic elements, such as spreading poisons strategically and seamlessly supporting dual-wield playstyles, these changes aim to offer a more cohesive and engaging experience. The proposed modifications not only address current limitations but also pave the way for a melee Hunter journey filled with versatility, strategy, and the thrill of mastering two distinct weapon approaches.

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