RULES Effective Anniversary 1 of Reg Season

MaddenVip MCL currently has two openings for the Chicago Bears and Cincinnati Bengals.

We are in division 3 anniversary 12. We are a sim alliance with sim

rules(comments). We beforehand every 48 hours and acquaint through

GroupMe(required). Inactive users or users who can't chase rules are replaced.

We accept a 5 man board that votes on aggregate from aphorism changes to trades

to discipline. We accept been alive anger leagues for a continued time. We ran

10 seasons endure year and apprehend to run this alliance until the absolution

of anger 18. If you are absorbed in an alive alliance the follows through on the

rules message me with your GroupMe advice and we can go from there.

RULES Effective Anniversary 1 of Reg Season, all players accept to accept at

atomic 48 players on their alive agenda (doesn't cover convenance squad) *ALL


don't join. *NO CUSTOM PLAYBOOK, can use added teams playbooks if you wish *Must


BEFORE STARTING *48 hour advances.. Aboriginal beforehand if all amateur are

done.. Elbowroom for scheduling as continued as amateur are done by 10pm EST on

2nd day.

Play Calling

Bold Play

Canyon Rushing


Amateur Positions

4th down rules

No ataxia rules

Bite or Run Clock

Pre Snap



CPU/ AP games

Carbon Padding

Play calling -Mix up your play calls acceptation abstraction and accumulation

on breach and defense, alive the aforementioned plays over and over is not

tolerated. Accumulate it sim. ??Teams accept to accept a minimum of 10 canyon

and blitz attempts anniversary bold to accumulate it balanced. In appropriate

affairs if a aggregation has little ascendancy time and can't run 10 times, it's

accepted that 25% of your play calls are run plays.

Gameplay Do not corruption non advised qb rollouts or alive to the amusement

throws. Accomplishing this again will aftereffect in discipline. Mix up play

calls.* if a bold disconnects, altercate with your adversary what you wish to

do. Re actualize the bearings from breadth the bold disconnected, re alpha

completely, or ask a board affiliate for advice if you can't appear to an


Canyon Rushing *Must blitz at atomic 3 at all time, spy does not count.

*Positioning Linemen. No affective LE or RE to the added ancillary of DTs. They

accept to break on their appointed side.

Playmaker - No breach or arresting playmaker plays allowed. (if this is

accepting done amuse almanac blow of bold a prove it to committee)

Amateur Positions -All abhorrent band players are interchangeable. -All

arresting band players and linebackers are interchangeable. -Cb's can't play SS

or FS unless they are 30 or older. -QB, HB, WR, TE can abandoned play their

primary positions unless a position changes is approved. - No assurance at


4th down rules *you can go for it on 4th and 2 or beneath accomplished the 50

backyard band or on your opponents ancillary of the field. *No traveling for it

on 4th if you're up by 14+ credibility *if you're accident in the 4th division

you can go for it behindhand of yardage *if your down 17 or added at any point

in the bold you can go for it behindhand of yardage. You are accustomed to go

for it in OT behindhand of yardage

No ataxia rules accustomed at any point of the bold but can't run it added

than alert in a row. *Can use no ataxia as abundant as you wish if there's 4

account or beneath in the 2nd/ 4th quarter, or if you're down by 17+ pts at any

point in the bold or 10+ pts in the 4th. *If you're acceptable by 14+

credibility in the 4th qtr. stop application no huddle.

Bite or Run alarm -teams can bite alarm in the final 3 account of the 2nd/4th

division or at any point if they accept a 21+ point lead.

Pre Breeze If alive a motion play delay until your WR/ HB/ FB or TE is set

afore you breeze the ball

Trades -2 division trades (Pre Season-Trade Deadline), 2 offseason trades

(FA-Draft) per season. Accept to be accustomed by the committee. -When you

advanced a barter appeal to a commissioner, amuse cover all the players age and

overall. -Trades that are carefully abstract pick(s) for abstract pick(s) don't

calculation adjoin your 2 trades. ***If a aggregation backs out of a barter that

has already been accustomed that aggregation will lose one of their trades,

unless both teams accede to aback out.

Scheduling * If you don't acquaintance your adversary aural 24 hours of

beforehand you'll be set on AP if your adversary wants. Abandonment amateur will

aftereffect in accepting kicked unless there was a analytic reason. If done

account blazon read. If your bold is backward allocution with your adversary and

adjudge what you wish to do, if you lag out yield a screenshot for proof. * No

assuming for appointed time again will aftereffect in suspension.

Arena CPU-Number should not beat these QB - 450 yards 5tds RB - 200 yards

3tds WR/ TE- 200 yards 3 tds If the bold is abutting there will be elbowroom if

it's not abutting afresh sub out the player. No abandonment vs CPU. IF YOU LAG

OUT, TAKE A PICTURE FOR PROOF. Play with class, don't run up the annual or try

to run up your stats. Play like football is declared to be played.

If the bold is out of duke beneath two account in the 4th, KNEE the ball. No

charge to run the brawl to aggregate yards or accomplish abbreviate throws. If

your adversary is all out blitzing or in fg/punt block, bandy a camber and fall.

Carbon added is FORBIDDEN

Bethink to gameclip or screenshot and problems you appear beyond so there is

affidavit of it.

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