Runelite OSRS - Is It Safe? How Does It Work?


RuneScape features many official and unofficial clients to help players in enjoying the game from a new angle. These clients are usually free and open source which means you can tweak them according to your needs. Clients are launchers through which you can access the game. Nowadays, Runelite is the most popular client for RuneScape. Using an unofficial client will result in a permanent ban, so you need to find the right client that also contains all the much-needed features. This Runelite guide features everything that you need to know about this client and how you can access it.

What is Runelite?

Runelite is a third-party client for OldSchool RuneScape. It is an open-source client that is written in Java language. By using this client, players can improve their quality of life to a great extent. Moreover, it features a large number of APIs, so you can create new plugins. There are a total of three officially recognized clients by Jagex, and Runelite is one of them. It isn’t developed by Jagex, but you can still use it with RuneScape.

Benefits of Runelite

Various clients are available, so the question arises of why Runelite. There are many benefits of using this client over other third-party clients. The biggest benefit of using this client is that you can scout the chambers of Xeric raids to prepare yourself and win the raid on the first try. In RuneScape, agility can be very frustrating, but not anymore, thanks to Runelite. With this client, you can adjust the agility according to your needs. You can also view your attack style all the time and make changes to defeat enemies in fewer blows. Learn about how much money you have in your OldSchool RuneScape bank and all the tabs of the bank. No matter where you die on the world map, you can get the exact location of the gravestone with this client. If you die in the wilderness, the location will still be visible, along with information about which game world you died in, so you can travel back there and collect your ancient godsword OSRS. There is a separate grand exchange for the Runelite client where you can see all the available offers to avail them. Before selling or buying items, make sure to check the price from this exchange. With the built-in calculator, you can calculate resources and fees, etc. Whenever you kill an enemy on the map and collect the drop, it’ll show complete details about the drop, such as the name of the drop and the value of the drop. If you love to grind while staying AFK, there is good news, as this client features idle notifications to help you stay in touch with the game. Inventory management was never this easy, thanks to tags. Now you can manage and store items with tags to easily switch between them whenever you want.

Is Runelite Safe?

It is time to answer the biggest question that is Runelite safe? Yes, Runelite is completely safe to use, and you won’t get banned for using it with OSRS. Jagex is quite strict when it comes to third-party clients, but Runelite is approved by Jagex. Jagex shared a statement stating that they have checked Runelite thoroughly, and they have concluded that Runelite follows all the rules of the company, so it is allowed in RuneScape. To avoid getting banned, you should download Runelite from the official website only.

Runelite Plugin Hub

The best feature of this client is that it features a separate plugin hub where you can use plugins and enable them with a single click. All the plugins in this hub are verified by officials, and you won’t get banned for using them in RuneScape. Jagex usually bans users from using third-party plugins but not in the case of Runelite. Some of the best Runelite plugins include coin tracker, quest helper, zulrah rotation depictor, HD plugin, etc. Here are more details about plugins that you should include in your setup to make RuneScape easy for you.

· Bank – This plugin shows the value of all the available items in your bag at the grand exchange. You can also hover over an item to check the alchemy prices.

· Boosts information – It shows the boosts of all types at a glance.

· Clue Scroll – With this plugin, you can easily solve clues.

· Tile indicator – It shows which tile you are clicking on so you know where you are going.

· World Map – With this plugin, get complete information about the game world just by hovering over it.

· XP Plugins – There are a total of three XP plugins in Runelite, and you should use them all to get information about XP drops so you spend time on the right task. This allows you to work less while collecting more experience points.

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