Still alive on an NFL roster


John Carney played from '87 to '10 (yes, really), so he would accept absent 8th gen but was there Madden afore SNES?

Edit: Madden 1989 came out for the Commodore and Apple II computers, but did not authorization any aggregation or abecedarian names.Madden '93 appears to be the aboriginal one with absolute teams, and that would be in fact in the SNES era. Looks like Tony takes this one.

Wasn't he in Tecmo Super Bowl on the NES? The 2009 division began with three Tecmo Super Bowl players still alive on an NFL roster, with adolescent specialist John Carney at New Orleans and approaching Hall-of-Famer LB Junior Seau at the Patriots, but those two retired at the end of the year, abrogation Feagles the endure man standing.

Since he retired afterwards the 2010 season, he didn't arise in any Madden's afterwards the PS3, X360 generation. But absolute abutting for him!

I'm 99% abiding I played with him in Madden 09 on the 360...In actuality he was on the awning of that game.

Edit: misread your animadversion and post, anticipation him assuredly accepting added to Mut this year counted. My bad.

As abundant as I abhorrence Favre, authorization approach hasn't been the aforementioned aback Favre was on the cover. Acclimated to be able to play with 4 accompany offline, now there's too abundant in it to aid in abecedarian progression for a simple offline franchise.

Favre is in MUT this year as a legend with Madden NFL 18 Coins... so technically. but not in actuality on a agenda you are correct.

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