​SW Chronicles - Monsters admonition for F2P


P2Pah Summoners War Chronicles - I am cerebration of absorption on 3 and 4* monsters back I don’t anticipate I am able to beforehand those 5* monsters much.

Are there any acceptable 3* and 4* monsters that can be as acceptable as 5* ones back ranked and accomplished up?

Well theres a deluge of guides out there for that affectionate of stuff, but the abbreviate acknowledgment is: konamiya/water garuda + shannon/wind brownie + iselia/fire bogie is your best aboriginal bold team, all 3*. A little after you wanna body naomi/wind catgirl which is a 4* batty dps and hellea/dark harpy which is a absolutely absolutely able 3* dps. Both are achievable from the chargeless tickets the bold gives you. Teon/light garuda is additionally a absolutely acceptable advantage which can alter konamiya at some point, back they do about the same, aloof that teon has a revive. Chloe/fire epikion priest is additionally a absolutely acceptable 4* abutment who provides invincibility, helps you out in a lot of things, too. For aggregate above that analysis out some guides, theres a agglomeration cogent you which 3/4* teams are acceptable to body for what allotment of the game. Of advance maxed out 5* will about consistently be better, but these are some appealing acceptable options that will get you through best of the game.

Teon alleviate scales with ambition HP and not his own ...

Never said annihilation to belie that. Im appealing abiding admitting that 38.7% (iirc) of ambition HP on a accomplishment that additionally has his CD partially refunded if no animate appear to about the aforementioned healing as konas ~23% of his HP. If you booty a 15k HP DPS as ambition it will get 5700 HP from Teon on a CD that will get 25% (iirc) bargain if no assistant is active which will best acceptable bulk to the 6900 HP the DPS would get from a 30000 HP kona over the advance of a action (I anticipation that would be acceptable ballpark HP stats for an DPS and a kona). And I'm appealing abiding a distinct animate would accomplish added than up for a little beneath healing, alike if it would be less. Can't analysis to accomplish abiding about all numbers account I'm not home appropriate now. But yeah I anticipate it would be accomplished to say Teon can alter kona at some point as a basic in a 3* team?

I beggarly maybe for pvp but I don't anticipate animate is that acceptable tbh. I didn't do the algebraic with the hp actuality but teon cd alike with the acquittance is still college than Kona so beneath alleviate and beneath about for a revive. Idk aloof doesn't assume account to me but I'm no expert.

I aloof capital to analyze that ton isn't "konamiya with a revive" as in he is carefully above version, he is added like "a bottom konamiya with a revive".

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