​Team Arrangement Chems Shouldn't Be Overlooked


Just a admonition that aggregation arrangement chems shouldn't be ignored. I spent a continued time spending my TP alone on amateur upgrades for 2nd and 3rd stringers afore I assuredly spent the TP on my aggregation arrangement chems.

Vikings Pass D bank 6 aloft the OVR of several of my players (that I couldn't advancement any added otherwise) by 1 or 2 OVR, including some of my D-Line.

Finished off with abacus Vikings Rush D bank 3 or 4, which aloft the OVR of several added players by 1 or 2 OVR as well, including some of my L-Backers and D-Lineman.

Anyways, just a affable admonition that these abide for those active affair teams (even partial). I do not run drillmaster Madden, so I accept my own team's coach/stadium/uni's equipped.

I abhorred spending TP on aggregation arrangement chems for a continued while, just because they seemed so expensive, but with the contempo bead in TP cost, I was able to accomplishment it all up for a bashful bulk of bread on Saturday (the day if UL's are arrangement to buy and QS). Able-bodied annual the slight advancement I got on players!

This is the end of my affable PSA. Thought I ability advice anyone abroad amplitude the capability of their team. My poor Vikings alone accept one acceptable CB (Rhodes), so I bare all the added accessory advice I could get!

What arrangement aggregation chems do you accept for your viking band and why?

Kind of laid it out in my comments abroad actuality in this thread, but I just arrested and am up to T7 Vikes Pass D with T3 Vikes Rush D.

The Pass D is because Rhodes is the alone aristocratic CB we have, so it helps with the others beneath him. It aswell additional my OoP Krause (playing at SS) by a brace OVR. It even additional a brace of D-Line players (Randle at DT1 from 97 to 98, Page arena OoP at RE1 from 98 to 99, and Griffen at RE2 from 94 to 95). The Rush D additional Kendricks from 95 to 96 at MLB2, and additional Joseph at DT2 from 97 to 98.

FYI I accept maxed out the afterward accepted arrangement chems as well: GD, ZR, PR, and LD. I aswell accept Sprinter at T3.

I did not accept to run any Vikings-specific breach chems because my pieces are already appealing good. Moss, Carter, and Diggs all at 98. Thielen at 99. Rice (team cap) at 98 (just aggravating him out for now).

This is all in commendations to my 40/50 Vikes lineup. I activate my 50/50 aggregation to be defective in too abounding areas, so I backed down to 40/50 to accompany in some added pieces. Helps to accumulate things fresh, too.