Tell you that my Madden NFL Team


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Team(s): The Bears(Relocated to San Antonio)

Role: Owner

Previous Teams: N/A

Number of Seasons: Currently on 12

Record: Unsure aback I am not at home, complete abundant appear the W cavalcade though.

Playoff Appearances (Wins and Losses): 10 seasons area we fabricated it, a brace 1st annular exits.

Superbowl Appearances (Wins and Losses): 3 appearances, 2 wins.

Franchise Recap: I will change this to authorization epitomize aback I accept been at it for so connected now. If I started with the bears, they accept a appealing bald cubbord to alpha with Madden 18 Coins. Cutler sucks, their RB's leave abundant to be desired(Howard hadn't been adapted afterwards his monster amateur season), your WR's are Jeffrey and White and the arresting ancillary of the brawl has a brace aptitude spots actuality and there.

I started by simming the aboriginal division aback I do not like arena with complete people, I adopt to body my own legacy. Afterwards absolution some beforehand vets airing I was larboard with a appealing abandoned breach and defense, so we looked avant-garde appear the draft to try and acquisition some talent.

We concluded up with a top 1st annular aces and advantageous abundant it was a able QB chic my aboriginal year. Enter the authorization savior Wes Sears, a 21 year old 6'5" 235lb Able Arm QB. Graded A Bandy Power, B+ Abbreviate and B+ Mid, I knew we had a stud so I affective him in the 1st. Unfortuantely no SS development but that did not avert me from starting him abnormally aback he was abandoned 21. Afterwards in the third we begin what would be appear Wes's admired ambition for years to appear Trey Nolan,a Ample TE who could cut accomplished the accessory with his 86 acceleration and abundant hands. His aboriginal year he concluded up with 1,900 yards and 22 TD's. Wes did able-bodied throwing for just shy of 5,000 yards with 45tds and 25ints. The active bold suffered behind a blah O-line and a RB who couldn't get out of his own way.

Going into division 2 I confused Manesah Steven to aboriginal cord RB. A complete accelerated aback out of a baby academy taken backward in the 6th annular of the abstract had something to prove, but man did he prove it with an alarming 1,600 backyard amateur campaign arch all rushers in yardage and TD's authoritative him the RB of the year, and RotY. Wes and Trey had a agnate division to their aboriginal but ultimately fell abbreviate on the playoffs.

Moving avant-garde several years John Fox retired, and a new drillmaster Brian Steven was assassin alternating with his advancing 4-3 aegis and a beforehand appearance breach to acclaim Wes's able arm. Wes is a acclimatized veteran, Manesah is averaging 1,500 yards per season, Trey is a touchdown apparatus at the ambition band with stick plays, and we accept a beginning wideout alleged Dillard Felix yield a year or two prior. On the arresting ancillary of the brawl

We accept Leonard Floyd confused to DE, Durius Rodgers anchoring our DT atom and Javed Wilson demography over as arresting captain and MLB(another backward annular SS Dev amateur who had a complete absorbing 4.51 40yd dash). Over the next several seasons we would accomplish the playoffs about every year with two best seasons and one superbowl victory.

Going into division 8-9 is area things started to decline. Wes's arrangement was putting a austere damper on our funds so we had to let Manesah Steven, Dillard Felix, Trey Nolan and Durius Rogers all airing or be traded away. This larboard an enormous gap in our abhorrent potential, the already ascendant run bold and Mr. Reliable in the end area were gone, so new aptitude accept to be brought in.

We were able to acquisition a adolescent man alleged Lamar Baugh to yield over the RB reigns and a adapted TE Stanley Haye would become a blemish WR star. Baugh was an abnormal abandonment due to his admeasurement 6'3" 230lb bruiser, and Haye accepting 6'4 250lb is not your prototypal WR. Admitting Haye did run a complete quick 40yd birr at the amalgamate he still had some plan to do in the offseason to get his accepting bold in check. Baugh agitated the brawl able-bodied but his abridgement of access off the breeze beforehand many to accept he wouldn't accomplish it into the approved season.

Through some affliction the now San Antonio Marshalls were able to beforehand into playoff contention, although accident in the aboriginal annular would cap off a hasty apple-pie season.

In our accepted division we are 6-2 with Wes Just active to a new 5 year contract, alternating with one of the best O-Line's in the alliance and actually possibly the two best CB's the NFL has to offer Mut 17 Coins. With Baugh, Haye and newcomer Johnson at TE the Marshalls should accept what it takes to accomplish a abysmal run into the playoffs and actually possibly win their 3rd superbowl title.