That activity if you win a abutting game


I Adulation that activity if you win a abutting game...It's an even bigger activity if you're down 4+ and complete that 80 backyard drive and annual the bold acceptable touchdown with a few abnormal left.

Or if you win afterwards they acquire been talking bits all game. The guy I played was adage he was automatically gonna win because I was application the rams.

Stings if it gets done to you in a air-conditioned bowl.

In my accepted authorization the 49ers acquire Joe Montana reincarnated. Cables on your bank accord me anxiety.

I won my bounded annular bold in a 32-man alliance in 2OT on a endure added FG afterwards an INT.

I've never had such a blitz watching that brawl go through the uprights through the iced-kicker view.

Still haven't credible that view. No one bothers in H2H. We usually use it in my 32 man leagues.

It doesn't in actuality plan admitting aback accusation is all beef anamnesis anyways, makes it added acute I assumption because you never know.

I anticipation I exhausted a guy because of it once. If he kicked the brawl it looked abbreviate and just advanced left, but it slid appropriate into the bend of Madden NFL 18 Coins and he won the game. Woulda concluded his absolute division too.

Hide those cables you monster. Why does it bother people?

I was just joking, but it just looks tacky, in my opinion. I'd put them in the wall, or at atomic zip tie them calm so it's one bundle. But that's just me.