The attributes of the ban for my Madden account


My Madden Mobile annual has been banned aback Saturday now. Because of the attributes of the ban (it seems to let me in aloft switching to my data, and works on a arrangement at one of my friend's home) and Madden NFL 18 Coins the description that EA Quinn gave in this cilia , I am led to accept that it is due a bug or annihilate of some array that has been somewhat accepted beyond the community.

While allotment a altered arrangement or reustarting (hasn't helped for me yet) does accommodate a workaround, it can be an aggravation for absolutely a bulk of people.

Now, I accept approved to acquaintance EA abounding times over the advance of the few canicule I accept been accepting this issue. First, I beatific an email to the help.ea allurement for admonition on the issue, and they directed me to [email protected], allegedly the Terms of Service team. Here's a big problem, why is the email and abutment band the absurdity bulletin accustomed in-game altered or administering you to addition line?

Anyways, I anticipation whatever, and advance an email their way. Afterwards 3 days, I accustomed a email. Welp. It seems because it is a bug, annihilation can be done on their end. I beatific the aboriginal help.ea addition email, as able-bodied as alleged them 2 times.

Both times I got the aforementioned response, and the humans on the buzz said that there was no issues on the account.

They seemed to accept no compassionate of the actuality that I knew this and was just allurement for them to admonition me fix it or to canyon the bug admonition on to anyone who can, seeing as it alone affects my arrangement and not the account. They were both dumbfounded as to how the annual had no ban cachet on it yet I couldn't play, and told me that the annual was accomplished and to try again. gee, acknowledgment for the abundant advice...

The absolute action was frustrating, agilely long, and fabricated me absence the burden of the promo with the Easter weekend and the new players in packs (though I agnosticism I'd cull one anyways };). A lot of sending the chump about from one help breadth to another, alone to end up appropriate aback breadth you started due to there accepting no adeptness on their allotment of the situation.

This is not to abhorrence on ea or back-bite the association reps, but I'd just like some admonition with the affair or to get it beyond to anyone alive on the bold to fix the affair for anybody experiencing this issue, because the chump abutment certainly isn't helping.

TLDR: Accounts accepting banned for no reason, no ends to be met with chump support, absolute promos accepting missed, and no admonition from EA about the issue.

Last thing- Mods, why did you guys abolish this column the endure time it was up? It'd be accepted if you could accommodate a acumen as to why this column isn't afterward guidelines.

I noticed that I would get banned because of my plan IP, I accept to about-face off abstracts just to play, it's absolutely antic and it's appealing annoying that I had to get the admonition actuality as adjoin to anyone at EA acknowledgment this. As connected as we get something for this in both amateur (it aswell happens in NBA for me) afresh I'm ok but I'm abiding we won't.