​The best point guards in NBA 2K23


Point guards are very important in NBA 2K, they are the key to the offense. So we have to build a strong foundation when we enter the game. NBA 2K23 will be released in a few months and we should see how to build a strong base for this game during this time.

What is a point guard in NBA 2K23?

The rule of thumb is that the player on the court runs the offense and makes sure the ball gets to the right player at the right time. Their main task is to create scoring opportunities for the team and sometimes for themselves.

Point Guard physical file

Speed is the most important physical attribute you can have as basic defense. This is mainly due to moving the ball from the defensive end to the attacking end as quickly and efficiently as possible. Yes, strength is also important, but we think as a point guard you need to emphasize your speed.

Point Guard feature points

Now for the stat points, we have decided to max out the base skills we chose earlier. This means you should maximize all the key points of photography and game-making. Focus on the following categories: shooting, playmaking, and defense/rebounding.

body type puncture protection

In terms of size, the point guards should be made as quickly as possible, which means that they should not be too long or heavy. Either way, we've done the hard part for you.

As for height, we think 6'4" is ideal.

Dropping doesn't give you extra speed, but it does reduce your power, which is very important in NBA 2K23.

Likewise, choosing taller options can ruin your size, as the extra height slows you down and reduces your ability to handle the ball. As a starting goalkeeper, your job is to distribute the ball quickly, and without speed and ball handling, you are of no use to your team.

Speaking of weight, we decided to stick with 175 pounds, which is already pretty light for someone this tall, but it adds to our speed potential. Yes, it affects our internal defense and back movement, but we don't even use it, so it doesn't matter.

In terms of wing length, after some experimentation, we decided that the optimal wing tip spacing for building a point guard was 76.9″. Even though we hit the ball with close shots and jump shots, our mid-range shots and 3s get a huge boost.

When we enter NBA 2K23 and want to quickly finish building a cover point, we need to buy NBA 2K23 MT. These coins can help us build a strong personality in the shortest possible time.