The Best SpeedBack Beneath 150K


Hey all, I've gotten absolutely acceptable with accelerated active backs and utilizing all of the altered moves and variations and such. I was acquisitive for some admonition with allotment my HB though.

LT is great, and I adulation the E and AB chem, Madden NFL 18 Coins and he has abundant speed, agility, acc, catching, and even a 93 stiff. He aswell has a top motor and fights for added yards and it shows.

The abandoned check is that he has a 90 juke, compared to a lot of backs that acquire 93-94 jukes. I do advance the juke move a lot, so is abandoned a 90 juke traveling to be any array of affair preventing abeyant absent tackles and such?

I apperceive I could go with 94 ovr Shady because he's got the E chem as able-bodied and a acceptable juke, but I acquire I arrested and he doesn't acquire top motor or fights for added yards.

There's aswell 93 Jamal Charles, who will action for added yards, but he doesn't acquire the analeptic chem. Lastly, there's the 92 Deangelo Williams, and I adulation his moves, carrying, and canyon block, but the 90 dispatch and 91 activity is hardly concerning. See the dilemma?

I can't assume to acquisition a aback that has: -E chem -Great speed, agility, and moves (92ish+) -Fights for added yards.

I've approved anybody and acquire done able-bodied with each. Is there any aspect (chem, rating, trait, etc.) that I shouldn't anguish as abundant about having?

Any admonition as to what you anticipate I should do or who I should aces would be abundantly appreciated. I apologize for the continued column Sad.

P.s. My annual is a little tight,Madden Mobile Coins as I could allegedly abandoned allow a max of maybe 150K bill for a back.

Thanks again!