The Cinderella Chargers in Anger 2005

The best affair I've anytime apparent the computer do in a anger

authorization was in Anger 2005. It was the 2007 division in my Texans

authorization approach I had done able-bodied but, this adventure is about the

8-8 Chargers as AFC West Champions.

  Here is the affair admitting Phillip Rivers has done about annihilation so

far. While Eli Manning has been the started aback '04 and Roethlisberger was in

his aboriginal year as a starter, Rivers had backed up Brees, Favre, and now AJ

Feely. Able-bodied San Diego gets a apple-pie win adjoin the Steelers in the

Wild Card round.

  Next, they went to face me in the bounded annular it was boxy fought bold

and with abnormal actual I bandy a Hail Mary. It is bent by Andre Johnson but,

he comes up 3 yards abroad from the end area and the Chargers win 14-10. AFC

appellation bold Chargers arch out east to play the New England Patriots. San

Diego is acceptable calmly 28-3 entering the 4th quarter.

  Then AJ Feely is aching and Rivers throws 3 INTs but, San Diego is able to

authority out for a 28-24 win. Thus, Phillip Rivers fabricated his aboriginal

career alpha in Superbowl XLII. There Rivers would play dull football but, the

aegis was amazing and LT is LT.

  It aswell didn't aching that McNabb threw 6 ints and absent 1 bollix in

what concluded up accepting a Chargers achievement by a account of SD24 PHI 0.

Anyways I just capital to allotment this adventure that I anticipation was

appealing cool.

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