​The Everything You Need to Know Guide for 2k23 MyPlayer


Hello Gents, I've been gambling due to the fact 2k7. I've performed this sport and mode for properly over a decade. When you interact with some thing that lengthy, you have a tendency to select up on minor nuances. I've were given a minute farfar from paintings so I'm simply hammering this out as I cross.

For Starters:

What Position do you need to play? Now, this turns into critical with what you propose to apply your man or woman for. Offline most effective? Park and Theatre? Rec? Do you play solo or with pals?

If you would like to have a very offline MyPlayer, the PG role will extra than probably be the maximum amusing. You have the ball to your fingers the maximum, and manage the pace of the sport.

If you propose to head online, think about which modes you may probably be gambling. In Rec, the PG is frequently the first or 2nd (Center) maximum crucial role. Don't be that man that by no means passes to huge-open wings, dribbling the whole play clock simply to head three/14 from three. Your teammates will hate you. Your file will suffer. You'll degree up slower with horrific stats.

If you would like to play primarily park/theatre/3v3, then the equation modifications. You are actually tons much less answerable for dealing with the rock, and maximum (now no longer all) gamers could have good enough ball dealing with and passing cappotential. The ball is extra calmly distributed. You can virtually play any time of role/construct and mesh properly with different gamers.

You're continually going to have dribble gods spamming the equal actions time and again hitting three's, however the maximum crucial role in 3v3 modes is the large guy. This generally determines who units excellent displays permitting the alternative 2 to get open, it determines the rebounding cappotential of the group, and the shielding pace. A Center or PF (or maybe a big SF with the proper attributes and badges) could make down withinside the paint a nightmare. No clean layups or dunks. Often snagging any lacking pictures, main to a ruin starter throwing a complete-courtroom docket skip to a protect/wing to attain the clean 2 or three.

Now, at the same time as on subject matter of the Center, shall we communicate approximately Rec. As a middle, gambling solo might be a far distinctive revel in than gambling with pals, generally. All your teammates will make some assumptions right now earlier than even seeing you play: 1) They will expect you're sluggish as molasses. 2) They will expect you cannot shoot in any respect. three) They will expect which you have ninety nine stats in rebounding/protection and all HOF badges and could blame you for the entirety down low. The manner the builder is installation this yr, its tough to have a large guy that may do it all. Usually, aiming for a positive form of large guy will damage you in different methods. For instance, in case you make a paint beast who additionally has respectable protection, you are likely going to be deciding on the the rest of attributes into both capturing, playmaking, and physicals. Strength, Vert, Speed, and Stamina specifically are very crucial for all of the touch and rebound combating you'll be doing.

As a middle, many customers have low b-ball IQ and select the location due to the fact its the maximum amateur friendly. They get used to offline, on seasoned issue settings in MyCareer dominating with forty factors and 32 rebounds. They should examine the tough manner Rec isn't always the equal. You are actually surrounded with the aid of using actual humans gambling who've abilities and must be doing the bulk of the scoring, now no longer AI. Now, this does not imply large guys should not rating. It does imply you've got got four succesful teammates who frequently concentrate on dunking, capturing, or playmaking, and it turns into obvious right away on in the sport who can do what. **Do Not Make This Mistake** Do now no longer be that man that attempts to pressure a large guy dunk each ownership who camps out withinside the paint, now no longer placing any displays, efficaciously ruining any probabilities of any other teammate using to the paint. There is not anything incorrect with large guys being withinside the paint, however there desires to be a plan. If you're a 7'three massive with dropstepper and get paired up towards a 6'10 large guy with out a protection, it makes experience to take benefit of the mismatch. These activities are rare, and the above data is generally applicable and must be followed. Lastly, in case your large guy can shoot, select and pop! You set your teammates up for achievement with displays, and frequently the protection will disintegrate to chase the paint leaving you huge open on the fringe. If your large guy can shoot, shoot whilst open!

Now as for the alternative three positions, a few matters to be conscious of. If you are a 2 protect, or capturing protect for the ones unusual with positions, in case you plan on gambling REC, be conscious that now and again you may input a foyer and be the smallest man or woman / maximum ball take care of and could default to being the PG. If you do not sense snug being the lead playmaker and intend on gambling REC online, I might keep away from being a capturing protect for this reason. If you need to be a protect, simply be a factor protect. The Small Forwards are generally the small ahead, however there might be video games wherein it'll slide you to the two protect, or the electricity ahead. Take this into attention whilst making your construct. You do not need to be that man this is slotted on the PF with out a rebounding or protection, so make certain you are making your participant properly-rounded in case you choose the Small Forward role. Most of the common sense for the middle applies to being a PF as properly. Don't clog the lane. Move the rock round. Play stable D, seize forums whilst well positioned, and take benefit of others assuming you cannot shoot due to the fact you are large.

Okay, so we have got laid the fundamentals and basis to which participant role makes the maximum experience relying in your play fashion and favored sport modes. For the ones new to 2K's participant constructing device and vets of preceding video games, recognize this yr they controlled to make a quite excellent manner of forcing you to really need to reach one region of your sport, whether or not that be playmaking, capturing, dunking, shielding beast, and many others. Animations are frequently brought on with the aid of using having the right badges, and badges are unlocked primarily based totally in your attributes. Since 2K can screw you after losing VC most effective to realise you had been one characteristic factor quick of the wanted quantity to liberate positive animations, I will try this right here for you.

**For Dunking**

Small Contact Dunks off Two - Driving Dunk 86+ and participant need to be 6'four or shorter

Small Contact Dunks off One - Driving Dunk 86+ and participant need to be 6'four or shorter

Pro Contact Dunks off Two - Driving dunk eighty four+ and Vertical to 70+

Pro Contact Dunks off One - Driving dunk be eighty four+ and Vertical 75+

Elite Contact Dunks off Two - Driving dunk be ninety two+ and Vertical be 80+

Elite Contact Dunks off One - Driving dunk be ninety two+ and Vertical be 82+

Pro Bigman Contact Dunks - Driving Dunk eighty+ and need to be 6'eleven or taller with 75 Vert

Elite Bigman Contact Dunks - Standing Dunk ninety+ need to be 6'eleven or taller with 75 vert

LeBron - eighty four using dunk and 64+ Vert

MJ - eighty five using dunk and 70+ Vert

Ja Morant - eighty two using dunk and 62+ Vert

Straight Arm Tomahawk - eighty using dunk and 60+ Vert

Most layup programs might be unlocked with eighty+ using layup, and some extra at 82.

**For Pass Styles**

Lamelo Ball - 85+ Pass Accuracy

Steph Curry - 80+ Pass Accuracy

Lebron James - 75+ Pass Accuracy

Magic Johnson - 85+ Pass Accuracy

Jason Williams - 90+ Pass Accuracy

For competitive, I advocate LeBron or Lamelo, now no longer too flashy, smaller windups, and satisfactory zippy passes.

**For Dribble Styles**

Michael Jordan - 75+ Speed with Ball being 6'nine or shorter

Steph Curry - 92+ Speed with Ball being 6'four or shorter

LeBron James - 75+ Speed with Ball being 6'nine or shorter

Devin Booker - 80+ Speed with Ball being 6'nine or shorter

Most signature sizeups might be maxed at 6'nine, and feature tier levels.

Tier 1 - 70 Ball Handle (Kyle Lowry, Westbrook)

Tier 2 - 75 Ball Handle (Paul George, Zach Lavine)

Tier three - 80 Ball Handle (Fox, CP3)

Tier four - 85+ Ball Handle (Tracy McGrady, Penny Hardaway)

Tier five - 86 = Kemba Walker, 88= Kobe Bryant, ninety = Kyrie Irving, ninety two = Trae Young, Curry

**The Meta Build and why it's far taken into consideration so**

Another factor to recall is badge levels, which can be a whole put up on its personal. But right here's a few beneficial data. The 6'nine construct is taken into consideration with the aid of using many the first-rate construct, particularly because of the order of levels for badges that be counted, in particular completing badges. I'll in brief summarize. On a 6'nine construct, slithery finisher is the primary tier, or least badge factors required. Limitless Takeoff, Fearless Finisher, and Masher are all Tier 2 badges that do not require as many badge factors. For comparison, shall we examine at a comparable construct who is 6'8. Limitless Takeoff, Posterizer, and Slithery Finisher are all locked in the back of Tier three, which calls for 10 badge slots already geared up among Tier 1 and Tier 2, after which calls for FIVE extra badge factors simply to make one of these (Limitless, Slithery, Posterizer) bronze degree. You can without problems see how 6'nine gamers have a badge benefit for completing badges.

This does not imply all gamers must default to this alternative. There are lots of methods to make your participant specific and to play in the direction of your strength. A middle at 6'nine isn't always viable in REC towards comp gamers. I additionally consider they should not be PGs. A PG must on the whole be centered on velocity, capturing, and playmaking specifically, and there are genuinely higher builds for this than the "meta". Next, I'm going to offer my opinion at the maximum crucial badges, necessities, and maximum probably to fit your desires primarily based totally on play fashion.

**Badge Requirements and what Badges must be Prioritized**

This standards might be established upon your play fashion, role, and construct.

For Playmakers, on this order, must be prioritized (word I stated playmakers, now no longer dribble gods),

1= Dimer, this offers your teammates the largest benefit to hit their shot, whether or not its a layup, a middle drop stepping, or a huge open three at the wing.

2= Floor General, the maximum selfless badge in the sport. It does not assist you, however makes each unmarried participant on that ground tons higher.

3= Quick First Step, the badge that lets in you to have the most acceleration popping out of dribbling bursts. It facilitates to get open, in addition to blowing beyond your defender.

4= Needle Threader, This massively improves your probabilities of creating a outstanding skip. and could negate defender's Interceptor badge to a degree.

5= Clamp Breaker/ Unpluckable, those  badges simply beautify your capabilities to be the number one ball handler. Clamp Breaker lets in your dribbling animations and bursts to get round opposing defenders less difficult, and unpluckable secures the rock so that you're now no longer getting stripped. Unpluckable must be a primary precedence whilst gambling in REC because the thieve gods there are lurking each possibility to strip you.

For Slashers, those must be prioritized, relying in your Driving Layup, Driving Dunk attributes and badges

1 = Slithery Finisher , this lets in your participant animations to weave via visitors and make layups that might in any other case cause you into bumping into defender lacking the layup.

2 = Fearless Finisher, this badge lets in you to have touch in your manner to the rim and nonetheless end successfully. Without this badge, you may leave out many simple layups due to the completing animations you may have inflicting an excessive amount of touch.

3 = Limitless Takeoff, this lets in you to begin a layup/dunk animation in addition out and cause them to at a extra a hit fee. This badge on HOF is OP and could have your man or woman dunking from the unfastened throw line in case your using dunk and Vert is likewise excessive.

After those, it relies upon in your playstyle. Posterizer facilitates cause extra dunk animations, however with the above badges geared up at Gold/HOF levels, you may get dunk animations regardless. Bully and Masher are crowd favorites when you have the badge factors to spend. Rise Up goes to be your first-rate buddy as a large. Pro Touch and Acrobat are very beneficial for gamers who make use of the meter for layups.

**The first-rate capturing badges**

This is significantly, significantly going to rely upon your play fashion. Are you a gap up three & D wing? Are you a shot developing mid variety shooter? Are you a PG who is continuously a deep danger from three? For those motives I will now no longer prioritize them in any order, however simply listing my favorites.

Volume Shooter, Claymore, Amped, Space Creator, Guard Up, Catch and Shoot. Blinders, Limitless Range, Agent three Catch and shoot isn't always as OP as preceding years, blinders is extra powerful than deadeye, and a number of the alternative badges like Comeback child simply are not really well worth your treasured capturing badge factors. Again, that is my personal opinion primarily based totally on gambling with a man or woman I should be a quite mighty shooter in MyCareer, REC, and park. Mix and suit in your personal to look what works first-rate for you and your preferred construct.

*Please test the necessities in your construct's badges.* A few off the pinnacle of my head to pay attention to for silver, gold, HOF: Limitless Takeoff, Slithery, Posterize, Break Starter, Needle Threader, Quick First Step, Unpluckable, Clamps, Rebound Chaser...

Defense is virtually too huge as its 1/2 of the sport, however you may should parent out and prioritize what attributes to region wherein. The smaller your participant, the much less I might spend money on Block and Rebounding. If you are a 6'three PG, you are now no longer going to be blockading many pictures and grabbing many forums. If you are a large, I might prioritize the ones matters and recognition much less on thieve and perimeter protection. Just be clever approximately it, consider what form of matchups you will have, and the way to get the maximum from your participant's strengths and weaknesses.

So, now we have got blanketed the fundamentals of positioning, dunk necessities, passing fashion necessities, Dribble Style and sigs necessities, crucial badges and the way to strategically use them to maximise your participant's potential. The relaxation is as much as you, and maximum importantly, have amusing. It is a sport and at the same time as we prioritize prevailing, placing your controller down after a consultation and having amusing is what it is all approximately. A few parting tips.

Be conscious of your wingspan. Longer wingspans gets favorably animations completing, rebounding, and blockading. You sacrifice capturing a bit for this, however except you're a shot writer taking three's off the dribble, 86 3pt must suffice and provide you with a few flexibility for an extended wingspan.

Stamina is surprisingly crucial this yr. Get as tons as you may with out sacrificing different attributes you can want.

Speed is simply the rate your participant actions round at the courtroom docket and speedy breaks. It has no bearing in your velocity w/ ball or acceleration, which must be prioritized with the aid of using playmakers and finishers.

For offline gamers, make certain you pick a role and group that fits. If you pick out PG and pick Golden State as your group, do not be stunned while you're by no means at the courtroom docket the equal time as Steph Curry. Pick a group that desires a function fulfilled together along with your construct and role.

Always entire your gatorade exercises to get +four in all bodily stats. It is really well worth it.

Lastly, do not be toxic. Players mess up. The notorious 2k lab can have an effect on pictures online. Sometimes it offers you crappy animations as good fortune of the draw. Sometimes while you must without problems snag a board the ball bounces withinside the entire different direction. If I can provide any advice, it's far to recognition on protection, and understand your function withinside the offense. Remember, as soon as you are online, you are now no longer the MJ/LeBron of your group, and all people must have possibilities to flourish and rating.

Make the open skip. Box out your matchup for the rebound. Don't permit clean backdoor dunks. Try your first-rate to maintain the ball transferring withinside the glide of offense. You can comply with a lot of these ideas and nonetheless lose video games because of teammates, however extra frequently than now no longer, while you do those matters, its contagious and different gamers will begin being extra selfless to do what is vital to get the win.

I desire this manual is useful for novices and veterans alike who may also recall a rebirth construct. Play Hard. Have amusing.

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