The Madden CPU wants to score


Buy Cheapest MaddenVip Madden Coins - When the CPU wants to score, it is traveling to score, and you are not traveling to stop it.It was complete aberrant because appropriate afterwards this the onside bang failed.

You'd anticipate if the CPU was just traveling to beeline up bluff they'd go all the way.Lmao yup. You can acquaint if the bold is gonna acquire its way. Annihilation you can do about it.

I alone adulation if you go into a bold with optimism and action and afresh like three drives beeline you get best off a angled pass, or the CPU armament your QB to bandy it like 30 yards off target, and just about kills any desire you acquire to play.

My brilliant WR who hadn't fumbled already all season, fumbled 4 fucking times in the Air-conditioned Bowl. Nope, you are not traveling to win, human.God, this happened with me and Marshawn Lynch a few years ago.

Two fumbles in the Air-conditioned Basin afterwards 0 all season, AND he bankrupt his arm; dude had like 99 CAR and INJ.

You rarely see annihilation in actuality this arrant for an continued period. There are ashen catches and such. In this case it looks like the CPU just beeline up angry off hit detection.

Happens to me sometimes if I bandy a aces and my QB is the abandoned one to beat. QB will not even advance no amount how abounding times I columnist the buttons.

Yea I bethink in Madden 13 maybe if I played added than two or three beeline amateur in authorization and Madden NFL 17 Coins win I would hit a bold that you couldn't win no amount what until you shut down madden.