The Rare and Legendary Treasures of Last Epoch


In today's discussion, we're diving deep into the realm of Last Epoch once again. With a surge of new players, particularly those migrating from Diablo, there's been a buzz of excitement surrounding Last Epoch. Many newcomers are eager to uncover rare and legendary items akin to the cherished artifacts in Diablo. Today, I'll be shedding light on some of the most sought-after treasures in Last Epoch, as well as unveiling a unique system that transforms ordinary items into legendary artifacts.

Rare Finds:

1. Aaron's Will - The Rarest of Them All:

Let's start with a unique creation, Aaron's Will. This elusive body armor boasts a rarity that sets it apart as the pinnacle of sought-after items. Crafted by none other than our host, Aaron, this armor unlocks the potential for multiple golems, making it a coveted asset for golemancers. Its scarcity only adds to its allure, promising exciting build possibilities in the upcoming 1.0 release.

2. Paranoia - Unshackling Potential:

Paranoia, another exceptionally rare find, grants a unique twist to the Sentinel's lunge skill. By eliminating the need for a target, Paranoia offers newfound freedom in combat. Though currently plagued by minor bugs, its rarity ensures that those who possess it are equipped with a truly exceptional asset.

3. Jungle Queen's Chaps of Holding - Fortifying Survivability:

Offering a staggering capacity of 16 potions, Jungle Queen's Chaps of Holding redefines survivability on the battlefield. With potent buffs accompanying potion usage, these belt chaps provide a significant boon to any adventurer seeking to bolster their defenses.

4. Bastion of Honor - A Legacy of Strength:

Once revered as the pinnacle of shields, Bastion of Honor maintains its status as a highly sought-after item, despite recent nerfs. Strength-based melee fighters still prize its defensive prowess, cementing its place as a timeless artifact of Last Epoch.

5. Omni Staff - Empowering Void Spellcasters:

The Omni Staff stands as a testament to the power of void magic. With unparalleled benefits for void spellcasters, including reduced mana costs and enhanced spell potency, this staff reigns supreme as the weapon of choice for those attuned to the void.

Extremely Rare:

1. Orin's Eye - A Glimpse into Destiny:

This amulet, bearing the mark of Orin, offers unparalleled protection against the ravages of time and fire. Its extremely rare nature ensures that only the most fortunate adventurers will wield its formidable power.

2. The Red Ring - A Symbol of Resilience:

Aptly named, the Red Ring bestows its wearer with increased attributes and formidable defensive bonuses. Its requirement of substantial attribute points underscores its rarity, making it a prized possession among seasoned adventurers.

3. Ravenous Void Gloves - Born from Eldritch Origins:

These gloves, crafted from the husk of the Elder Gaspar, embody the essence of the void. Offering both survivability and damage amplification, they serve as a testament to the eldritch forces lurking within Last Epoch.

Transcending Rarity with Legendary Potential:

In addition to these rare and extremely rare finds, Last Epoch introduces a groundbreaking system known as Legendary Potential. This system allows adventurers to elevate ordinary uniques into legendary artifacts by combining them with exalted items. Through this process, seemingly mundane items can be transformed into unparalleled sources of power, unlocking a wealth of possibilities for creative builds and playstyles.


As we traverse the diverse landscapes of Last Epoch, the allure of rare and legendary treasures beckons adventurers to embark on daring quests and face formidable foes. Whether through the discovery of world drops or the transformation of unassuming items into legendary artifacts, the journey through Last Epoch promises boundless excitement and endless possibilities.

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