The roughing the QB one is Maddens

Anyone abroad apprehension these things or NFL Coins 17 accept they been addressed by EA?At times if getting/throwing an interception, the bold will say there was a assurance if tackled into the end zone? Yet no safety.

Roughing the QB from burglary him, if he hasn't even appear the ball?

The breach accepting penalized on a 4th down if they abort to convert...yet the computer awards them a 1st down because of this.

I'm abiding there are more, just some I noticed off the top of my head. This has happened aback they began afterlight the bold too, programmer errors.

The roughing the QB one is Maddens advance at "not absolution defenders dive into QBs knees" basically if you spam X or Square and go for a dive tackle/sack and hit the QB low you accept the abeyant of cartoon that flag, the others I can't explain though.

The a lot of contempo application was declared to fix the affected Assurance pop-up on touchback interceptions.

What I've noticed on my new CFM run, the account augment is abounding of new "Really achievement the Cardinals (my team) bulk it out on breach this week!" posts every week, admitting accepting 7-0 on the analysis with blast games.

I can alone acceptance this is because 1/3rd of my absolute yards are admission & punt acknowledgment yards acknowledgment to a abundant returner?

Does anyone apperceive why my bold slows to like 10 fps in training mode?

It runs just accomplished until the brawl is snapped. I just started this authorization and it does this with every drill. It alone does it in training; absolute amateur are fine.

Yup, does the aforementioned affair to me. Anticipation my disc or something was fucked up, animated to apprehend it's a advanced beforehand issue. Alone does it to me in training approach on aegis and every now and Madden NFL 17 Coins afresh on offense.

Absolute amateur I don't accept any issues.Hopefully they application it out soon.