The Ultimate Guide to the Best Deadeye Crucible League Build in Path of Exile


Path of Exile, the popular action RPG game, revolves around grinding loot and optimizing kill speed to maximize rewards. When it comes to clearing out multiple packs of enemies swiftly, the Deadeye class stands out among the rest. With her unparalleled speed and the ability to shoot multiple projectiles, the Deadeye has become a favorite choice for many players, regardless of the league they are in. In this guide, we will explore the best Deadeye build for the Crucible League, focusing on the Lightning Arrow skill and the unique advantages it offers.


The Lightning Arrow build is a powerhouse for the Deadeye class in Path of Exile. This skill allows the character to shoot lightning-infused arrows that deal significant damage and synergize exceptionally well with the Deadeye Ascendancy. One of the key reasons why Lightning Arrow is the go-to skill for this build is the inclusion of Tailwind, one of the most sought-after passives in the game.


Tailwind provides a unique buff that increases animation speed with each skill use. Unlike simple movement or attack speed improvements, Tailwind enhances the overall speed of the character, enabling lightning-fast movement and clearing speed. This translates to efficient area clearing and faster accumulation of valuable items and currency, making it an ideal choice for early league builds.


In addition to the benefits of Tailwind, the Deadeye class can stack a plethora of projectiles using the Endless Munitions passive. Recent updates to Path of Exile introduced two passives on the Ranger side of the skill tree, namely Multishot and Master Fletcher, that further increase the number of projectiles fired. While Master Fletcher specifically applies to bow attacks, Multishot affects any type of projectile attack. Combining these passives with Endless Munitions, players can unleash up to four additional projectiles, greatly multiplying their damage output.


It's worth noting that the Lightning Arrow build prioritizes evasion and spell suppression to enhance survivability. While this build may not make the character exceptionally tanky, it compensates by prioritizing range, speed, and mobility to avoid taking hits altogether. By investing in these defensive mechanisms, players can maximize their damage potential while maintaining a decent level of survivability.


Furthermore, the Lightning Arrow build synergizes well with temporary buffs obtained from shrines. To fully exploit these buffs, it is recommended to invest in shrine nodes on the Atlas skill tree in Path of Exile. Additionally, utilizing Kaom's Spirit, a pair of gloves that grant free Rage generation, can significantly boost movement and attack speed. When combined with Tailwind, these gloves further amplify the character's speed, leading to unparalleled swiftness in combat.


With this powerful build, you'll dominate the Crucible League and amass outstanding loot in no time. If you regret the speed of loot acquisition, you can also quickly buy Path Of Exile Currency or POE Orbs from, which will save you a lot of time and energy to quickly complete the clearance and surpass other players.