The Winter Wild Card: A Comprehensive Review of FC 24 SBCs


In the ever-evolving world of FC 24 Ultimate Team, the release of new Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) is always an exciting event for players. FC 24 has brought forth a plethora of SBCs, ranging from base icons to the latest Winter Wild Card additions. In this article, we'll delve into the available SBCs, offering insights on their value, impact on the game, and recommendations for completion.

The Winter Wild Card: A Comprehensive Review of FC 24 SBCs

Base Icons: Barnes and Lamm

Starting with the base icons, FC 24 presents two final options: Barnes and Lamm. Barnes, priced at 126, and Lamm, at 178, both have their merits. However, with the influx of new and more affordable icon versions, such as the Winter Wild Card additions, investing in these base icons may not be the most cost-effective strategy.

Zidan and Usabo: Dynasties in the Making

Moving on to the star attractions, Zidan and Usabo, these icons are considered dynasties in the FIFA world. Priced at 1.47 and 2.4 million coins, respectively, these SBCs offer massive, endgame-level cards. Choosing between them depends on your team's needs, but both Zidan and Usabo can significantly elevate your squad's performance.

Mbappe: Gold vs. 92 Rated

The discussion wouldn't be complete without addressing Mbappe. Priced at a staggering 4.5 million coins, the 92-rated version might not be a substantial upgrade over the gold Mbappe, making it a questionable investment. However, Mbappe remains a top-tier player, and choosing the right version depends on your budget and squad requirements.

Hullet, Delp, and Hernandez

The trio of Hullet, Delp, and Hernandez offers diverse options for different playstyles. Hullet, at 2.7 million coins, is considered a must-complete, providing a golden midfield presence. Hernandez, at 120,000 coins, offers great value, especially if you're in need of an affordable icon. Delp, at 618,000, might not be universally praised, but his utility depends on your tactical preferences.

Winter Wild Card: Martinelli, Havs, and Mbabu

The Winter Wild Card promo introduces Martinelli, Havs, and Mbabu to the SBCs landscape. Martinelli, at 650,000 coins, offers a solid 89-rated Brazilian winger, fitting well into Premier League squads. Havs, transformed into a left-back, becomes a must-complete with significant boosts in defending and physicality. Mbabu, at 86,000 coins, brings a sturdy 85-rated card, though some might find him more of a luxury than a necessity.

Player of the Month and Team of the Group Stage

FC 24 also features Player of the Month and Team of the Group Stage SBCs, including Harry Kane, D Lorenzo, Griezmann, and more. Dybala and Harry Maguire are highlighted as potentially good value picks, while others like Briam Diaz may not offer significant changes to your squad.

In conclusion, FC 24 introduces a wide array of SBCs catering to different preferences and budgets. The Winter Wild Card promo, in particular, brings exciting additions to the game, with players like Havs standing out as must-complete options. As always, the decision to complete an SBCs depends on your team's needs, playstyle, and the value you find in each card. Analyzing the available options and considering future upgrades can help you make informed choices in building the ultimate FIFA squad.

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