These QBs humans column everyday


This is far added absorbing to me than these QBs humans column everyday. Height and acceleration abandoned would accomplish him a brilliant rookie, but 22 and Superstar development and solid advantage traits....oh boy. Candidly I would be cloudburst all his XP into catching and play rec, and the play brawl trait.

Why is this mentioned so much? CBs do not catechumen to WR like that. His avenue active will suck, his communicable will suck, his absolution will suck. He's actually one of the best amateur corners I've apparent so let's catechumen him to a activity WR.

Edit: anybody can down vote me, but the achievement is that there will consistently be a bigger chargeless abettor WR on the bazaar to aces up instead of converting a cornerback to a advanced receiver. UNLESS you accept like 100k XP accessible to absorb on that converted corner.

No, why would you put him at WR? You can actually get 6'5" and 6'6" guys with 90+ acceleration in every draft.

Keep this adorableness at CB, or maybe safety.I'm adage play him both ways. I apperceive you can't do that in Madden, but he should be able to. 96 acceleration is a lot altered than 90+ speed...

I don't anticipate he would be a acceptable WR at all, can't bolt annihilation with communicable ancestry in the 60's or lower. Can't run routes to get separation. Can't get abroad from a press.

I anticipate a 6'6" WR with 93 acceleration and absolute receiver ancestry would be abundant added admired than a 6'4" CB who can't do bits out ancillary of run in a beeline band and bolt advanced accessible passes (maybe to buy Madden NFL 18 Coins).