Tips for Companies Seeking Better Organization and Influence


For those companies seeking to assert themselves and take on larger groups in the New World, here are some valuable tips to get you started on the path to dominance:

1, Establish Clear Goals and Values:

- Define your company's objectives and core values. What are your game-related aspirations, and how will your members contribute to achieving them?

- Create an organized hierarchy and structural framework within your company. Designate leadership roles and establish effective communication channels.

2, Balance Your Player Roster:

- Distinguish roles and expectations for both dedicated "no-lifers" and reliable casual players. Ensure each group understands their responsibilities and their role in the company's overarching strategy.

- Consider forming specialized subgroups or teams within your company based on playstyles and preferences to enhance overall efficiency.

3, Control the Resource Market:

- Cultivate a deep understanding of the in-game economy. Identify essential resources and crafting materials that play a pivotal role in market control. Adjust New World Gold's market price to allow the market to balance.

- Develop a resource collection and crafting division within your company. Encourage specialization to optimize resource acquisition and processing.

- Explore the possibility of forging alliances or trade agreements with other groups to secure a steady resource supply.

4, Disrupt High-Traffic Gathering Spots:

- Pinpoint heavily frequented gathering areas and strategically deploy members to disrupt activities, utilizing both PvP and PvE strategies.

- Keep a close watch on the economic impact of your actions on rival companies. Be flexible and adapt to evolving circumstances based on their reactions.

5, Maintain a Strong Foothold:

- Establish a routine for the ongoing management of resources and gathering locations. This involves regular patrols, strategic positioning, and efficient communication within your company.

- Actively recruit skilled PVP defenders and resource gatherers to bolster your company's capabilities. Foster a sense of community to encourage long-term commitment from your members.

Now, go forth and enjoy your quest for dominance! As Miracle Max would say, "Have fun storming the castle!"