​To appease the MUT and aggressive crowd


My factor is that EA has been taking the realism out of the sport for years. That need to be a crimson flag. Madden sixteen become paramount in phrases of motion, blockading, and "soccer". We've been going backwards on account that transferring farfar from Ignite and onto Frostbite.

Why are our requirements now so low that we're going out of our manner to protect EA?

It's 2022 and EA nevertheless can not make a sensible and actual soccer experience.

Who’s protecting whatever right here? We’re speaking approximately refs on the sphere, now it’s approximately motion and blockading. Which is it?

In phrases of a “sensible” soccer sense, I’ve generic Madden for what it's far. It will by no means be on the extent of APF 2K8 in phrases of realism, however lots of humans have amusing with the sport.

If it’s now no longer up for your requirements and also you don’t have amusing with it, the most effective aspect you may do is make a assertion together along with your wallet. Madden is Madden and looking forward to drastic modifications to the manner it performs and operates is simply putting your self up for failure.

I’ve visible this identical track and dance play out each unmarried yr on account that they moved to the Xbox 360 and PS3. It has stepped forward 1000000000% on account that that time, however it’s nevertheless now no longer a 100% simulation of the game.

If we’re being sincere with ourselves, the bulk of the fanbase might now no longer love it if it simulated the game 100% and that’s only a reality. People revel in large performs, huge open gameplay, etc.

Your common Joe shmo isn’t concerned approximately blockading assignments, a right pocket or whatever else like that. Your common Joe shmo MUT participant is the most effective fanbase EA is concerned approximately promoting this sport too. It’s the cause each yr the sport receives patched to assuage the MUT and aggressive crowd.

You can keep to combat the best combat and attempt to exalternate their manner of creating and advertising and marketing the sport however it’s now no longer going to exalternate. They make BILLIONS from this name and that they do now no longer care what we’re pronouncing right here on operation sports.

They simply don’t.

Again, if we’re speaking approximately refs on the sphere, ninety nine% of madden gamers do now no longer care.

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