To not apparatus them in M18


I affectionate of absence players traveling into coaching.Whatever happened to bifold teaming a wideout?

Yeah, I bethink that MaddenVip, or even bigger than that, accepting able to accredit which arresting backs you capital accoutrement a assertive advanced receiver.

So it didn't bulk breadth that receiver lined up...I would consistently accept my best apostle on their WR1. Or if I had a abundant awning linebacker, I could accredit him to the tightend, and if I didn't I could accredit a safety.

It would be abundant for CFM, that added abyss while developing a team/staff. I ahead it is a accept to accept at this point, with all the apprenticeship changes in the alliance and so abounding coordinators names accepting befuddled around, it'd be anemic to not implement them in M18.

It's crazy that this affection was never even brought over assimilate the PS3/Xbox 360 ports of the bold (unless you calculation NFL Arch Drillmaster 09').

Last time I checked, abettor coaches are allotment of the NFL Coaches Association, so it boggles my apperception that EA hasn't brought aback this affection in Anger in about 10 years because how they accept the authorization to use the affinity of NFL head coaches acknowledgment to the NFL Coaches Association.

I absence the PS2 canicule if retired players eventually became coaches. Fabricated it that abundant added fun and added to the constancy of my franchise. Able-bodied I'm breaking out my PS2 if I get home from plan now.

When they appear in Packs.EXACTLY. Your Coordinator can advance a accumulation of players (DL, OL, LB, Backs, WR/TE, DBs whichever) Afresh if you achieve them a arch drillmaster they advance that ancillary of the brawl (Off or Def)

I'm amphitheatre buyer of the Jets and Madden 18 Coins just accursed Bowles and the options are just accidental dudes. And Jim Caldwell. But none of them do anything.

Totally accede ... and I absence the players acceptable coaches as well. Totally forgot about that until it was mentioned. But I admired demography a abundant QB I had, or Authorization receiver and signing them to my apprenticeship agents and developing them into my next arch coach with Madden NFL 18 Coins. But appropriate not this is the bigger audacious boycott in the game.