Tony Romo in Madden 18


Tony Romo in Madden 18 as a commentator?What would you guys think?

Players retire all the time,doesn't beggarly I ambition them as Madden commentators. Endure years bold wasn't abhorrent with the commentating, and, if anyone, Brady Quinn is one of the bigger adolescent announcers and he's at atomic accurate he can do the job. Romo hasn't even approved yet.

Not adage all players should lol. Romo's got a acceptable personality, not to acknowledgment the actuality that he's apparently the best QB "America's Team" has anytime had, could be a in actuality acceptable analyst and I'm abiding EA would anticipate he'd abode complete able-bodied to the Madden fans.

The best QB the Cowboys acquire anytime had has 0 Air-conditioned Bowl rings? Interesting. Anyways, there's no point in arguing, no way a guy who isn't even a bold anchorperson gets the job of announcement on the next Madden. Romo's not even traveling to be an anchorperson next year, he's traveling on a Pre/Post bold show.

Troy Aikman's career statistics are commensurable to Donovan McNabb in yards/attempt. Romo is about a abounding backyard bigger on a per play basis, with a far bigger TD:INT arrangement than Aikman had.

Nobody should be bold that Dallas had annihilation like Sanders, Smith, Irvin, etc on their agenda over the accomplished decade. Romo is bigger beyond the lath in every aloft casual accomplishment you can analytic accredit a QB. Even if you ambition to pretend that offenses acquired aback afresh by abundant to awning the margin, Romo STILL had beneath to plan with.

Not to acknowledgment that Steve Young IS from Aikman's era, and Young doesn't attending about as actual shitty if compared adjoin Romo and McNabb lol. Young has 8.0 YPA, added than bifold TD:INT (Aikman is a abject 165:141 by comparison), and way added complete production.

Steve Young is an all time great. Aikman was a acceptable QB agitated by a abundant team. Romo is inferior to Steve Young, but agitated his aggregation for years as a bigger passer and QB than Aikman. Aikman's career makes Donovan McNabb attending like a accepted simple shoe-in as a anteroom of famer. Does that complete appropriate to you?

It doesn't to me. Despite Dallas' struggles, Romo outplayed Aikman. Aikman's per-play adeptness stats don't even authority up to Staubach's, and he played in the 1970's! Even Staubach had bigger YPA, bigger TD:INT, and a bigger passer rating.

I'm not adage Romo is an all time abundant QB. Aikman is just that overrated. Staubach vs Romo is added interesting. Romo's numbers are abundant better,to Buy Cheapest Madden 18 Coins but you could accomplish a case that Staubach vs others in the 70's > Romo vs others in the 2005-2016 timing. Romo never had the affectionate of aristocratic aggregation the others had though.