Top 5 Ship Builds & Loadouts in Skull and Bones Season 1 (PvE & PvP)


As the tumultuous waves of Skull and Bones Season 1, aptly named Raging Tides, beckon sailors to navigate treacherous waters and face the formidable Plague King and his armada, the need for superior ship builds and loadouts becomes paramount. Whether engaging in thrilling PvE encounters or daring PvP skirmishes, mastering the art of naval combat is essential for emerging victorious. Here, we unveil the top five ship builds and loadouts tailored to conquer every challenge the high seas present, ensuring you emerge as a true master of maritime warfare.

Top 5 Ship Builds & Loadouts in Skull and Bones Season 1 (PvE & PvP)

Sambuk Ship: The Blaze of Fury

Renowned for its unparalleled DPS capabilities, the Sambuk ship build reigns supreme in Skull and Bones Season 1. Designed for swift and devastating assaults, its Scorch ability inflicts burning damage, amplifying the potency of subsequent attacks. Whether braving the Fleet of Pestilence or seizing Kingpin Bounties, the Sambuk's relentless onslaught ensures swift victory.

Best Loadout:

Main Weapons: Zama Zama Cannons (Front, Broadside, Stern)

Aux. Weapon: Leopold 3

Armor: Royal Custodian

Furniture: Scrapper Station, F Slot Two, Gunpowder Breach, Increased Front Weapon Damage, Spiked Warhorn

Barque Ship: The Guardian's Embrace

A beacon of support amidst the chaos of battle, the Barque ship excels in bolstering allies and turning the tide of engagements. With its unparalleled healing capabilities and steadfast resilience, the Barque stands as a stalwart defender, ensuring the safety of its companions even in the fiercest of conflicts.

Best Loadout:

Main Weapons: Scurlock's Long Nines, Darel's Gun, Fire Bombard Tier 3

Aux. Weapon: Rama's Legacy

Armor: Wailing Ward

Furniture: Rope Locker, Bombard Powderhouse, Bombard Works, Mortar Powderhouse, Double Planked Hull

Brigantine Ship: The Versatile Vanguard

Balancing firepower with agility, the Brigantine ship is the epitome of versatility in Skull and Bones Season 1. Whether navigating perilous waters or engaging in ruthless combat, its adaptability ensures dominance in both PvE and PvP encounters, earning its place as the ultimate solo endgame vessel.

Best Loadout:

Main Weapons: Fire Bombard 3s, Fire Long Guns/Scurlock Long Nines

Aux. Weapon: Leopolds Tier 3

Armor: Royal Custodian

Furniture: Megaphone, Gunpowder Bench, Bombard Works, Front Powder Kegs, Mortar Works

Snow Ship: The Unyielding Bastion

Fortified against the fiercest of onslaughts, the Snow ship stands as an indomitable fortress upon the waves. With its unparalleled resilience and formidable brace strength, it serves as a relentless juggernaut, weathering the storm of battle while unleashing devastating flood and fire upon its adversaries.

Best Loadout:

Main Weapons: Torpedoes, Flooding Demi Cannons

Aux. Weapon: Rocket

Armor: Royal Custodian

Furniture: Major Slot, Slot Two, Slot Three, Slot Four

Padewakang Ship: The Siege Specialist

Masters of destruction, the Padewakang ship specializes in laying waste to enemy fortifications with surgical precision. Armed with explosive weaponry and an insatiable thirst for destruction, it stands as a formidable force, unrivaled in its ability to dismantle even the most fortified strongholds.

Best Loadout:

Main Weapons: Mon's Meg, Mortar Tier 3

Aux. Weapon: Mortar Tier 3

Armor: Royal Custodian

Furniture: Megaphone, Slot Two, Bombard Works, Mortar Works

Set sail with confidence and dominance in Skull and Bones Season 1, armed with the finest ship builds and loadouts meticulously crafted to conquer every challenge. And for those seeking to enhance their maritime arsenal, MMOExp offers a treasure trove of SnB silver and Skull and Bones items to bolster your journey. Navigate the treacherous waters of Raging Tides with unparalleled power and prowess, and seize your destiny as the ultimate master of naval warfare.