I just played a guy that alone ran bend bang and it formed every time no

amount what I did. Approved awning 4, approved 3 man deep, approved TRIPLE

COVERING THE RECEIVER, still nothing NFL 18 Coins.

I in fact approved aggregate I could anticipate of and they still get burned,

and I had Champ Bailey and Chris Harris Jr. as my corners with two corners over

82 ovr as well. Anyone got some tips that in fact work? Man advantage is torn as

fuck, doesn't plan at all in this game.

Cover 3 mable does able-bodied adjoin it (anything with a collapsed and a

angle coil on the aforementioned side). Awning two billow collapsed does

able-bodied as continued as it's not to abysmal of a coverage. I acclaim manning

up anyone on the collapsed avenue to yield abroad the checkdown.

The botheration with usering anyone is that both receivers get accessible

basically every time, so if I user to yield abroad one avenue they just bandy to

the added receiver. I acquisition my best attempt is to user a DE and try to

burden the QB because the play takes a little best to advance than others.

That is the CPU bureaucracy I'd recommend. Usering the DE is just allurement

you to get dotted up unless you can jump the breeze and insta-shed afore the WR

alcove the additional cut at the top of the route.

By "man up" I beggarly accomplish one of your CPU players manned up to the

collapsed avenue and a billow collapsed avenue of the awning 2 will chase the c

avenue and cut it off.

CBs can't awning anything... Aegis is broken.

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