What EA could to fix the issue


It was amazing that EA in actuality listened to the association apropos the atrociousness that was 99 Gauntlet Edelman. In 1 day, EA took our concerns, rages and suggestions and Madden NFL 18 Coins did what they could to fix the issue. We acquire a Gauntlet adept Edelman with bigger stats and an added +3 awareness. Thank you to EA for creating a agenda that will added acceptable than not be annual it (eventually, if we can in actuality get abundant weeks of contest to in actuality acquire the bastid).

That accepting said, the botheration with Edelman affair lies beneath with the stats and boosts of the agenda and added with the alternative of Edelman himself or, added specifically, accepting accession abhorrent accomplishment abecedarian be a Master. We acquire been ashore with WR/TE hunt cards from the beginning, with Rob Gronkowski, Tyler Eifert, Deangelo Williams, Antonio Brown, Herman Moore and Deion Sanders all out afore abide year (Plus DiMarco, and Favre to add to the abhorrent group). In that above span, we abandoned got Von Miller, Richard Sherman, Xavier Rhodes and Brian Urlacher. You could add NTL to the mix if you ambition to awning the Blitz weekend, but that would aswell add 2 added abhorrent players to the added side. WHERE IS THE LOVE FOR THE DEFENSE!? WHERE IS THE LOVE FOR THE OFFENSIVE LINE!?

Now, to be fair, EA has accustomed us added array aback the alpha of the year. We acquire Marcus Peters and Zack Martin, additional a deluge of PH and UL players that are absolute acceptable and calmly affordable. But traveling with yet accession receiver to be a adept for a cogent promo absolutely shows how little they acquire listened to the association (or shows that they absolutely don't care).

I aswell ambition to blow on something /u/EA_Goss /r/EA_Goss said: "No abhorrence Goss is here. I will see what can be done to Julian to accomplish you guys hardly beneath affronted (changing the abecedarian from J.E is not happening)."

I acknowledge the quick response, but the abide annual aghast me greatly. Edelman had a abundant Super Bowl and is one of the toughest receivers in the league, but his year was adequately banal (1100 yards [not years] and 3 TDs).

I would not accede agreement him in the chic of the added players with agnate promos over the years (Sherman and Chancellor in 15, Gronk, OBJ and Watt in 16, Gronk and Von this year). Was he in band for a abecedarian upgrade? Yes,I believe that EA should acquire done a post-SB headliners and accord Edelman a huge accession there. Gauntlet Master?

Absolutely not. This affect of anon stateing that acclimation the abecedarian accommodation would not be advised fabricated me feel that the developers knew that this abecedarian accommodation would not go over well, but didn't affliction because they just wanted to accord the promo to Edelman. If this is the case, I say fuck you, EA. This smells of the above thickheadedness that EA had if they just best Gronk for the awning afterwards a vote (probably still sad from abide year's abreast accident to OBJ). The aberration amid Gronk accepting the awning and Edelman accepting this (besides endorsements, of course) is that GRONK IS ACTUALLY AMONG THE ELITE AT THIS POSITION!

How cartel you augment us bits in the anatomy of near-impossible cutting for a 5'10" receiver who will not be able to accomplish a aberration due to the alpine arresting backs with 90+ advantage and afterward who will just exhausted and aces over him all day long. THIS is not the anatomy of a Master. OBJ could get away with it abide year because he was accessible from the alpha (call it about 2 months) if the aegis wasn't that great. Edelman is accepting abandoned in if he's already significantly outclassed by the opposition.

It'd be one affair if Edelman bankrupt annal or became an best abundant this year, BUT WHAT DID HE DO!? Fabricated catches that accrue his aggregation animate to win the Super Bowl. Incredible. Candidly aces of accolades. The Boston Strong should be happy and advantageous to acquire a tough, aggressive guy like him alive with gronk or brady. But, he's not AB, Julio, OBJ, Evans, Jordy, Amari or even T.Y. Hilton.

If this HAD to be a WR, this should acquire been Antonio Brown (though EA would acquire gotten bits for that for how abounding abbreviate AB's we've already), Mike Evans or Jordy Nelson. Personally, I would acquire accustomed Gauntlet to Drew Brees or Casey Hayward. Anyone who did abundant and cogent things this year and bare an upgrade.

I affirm EA association reps saw those posts (Either actuality on Reddit, Muthead, Twitter, etc) about anticipation of who the gauntlet abecedarian would be and positions they absolutely didn't ambition to be gauntlet adept above-mentioned to the release. I remember bags posts/threads/tweets how didn't ambition WR, association reps did their job and gave acknowledgment on affair to the Developers, but still absitively to go WR out animosity imo.