What's the rationale behind having an open world


What's the rationale behind having an open world? The concept of an open world pales in comparison to the challenge and rewards presented by Nightmare dungeons.

- Legions seem to lack purpose. While the enemies could potentially drop valuable items, their loot is overshadowed by what you can obtain from the 2-3 chests at the end. I usually manage to acquire only 1 or 2 items, whereas better loot and experience are gained from Nightmares.

- Helltides come across as redundant. The introduction of 75 Cinders to the Mystery Chest cost and the inclusion of Forgotten Souls in salvage loot pools have rendered Helltides less meaningful. It used to hold value as the sole method for obtaining Forgotten Souls, but now its loot and experience fall short of what Nightmares offer.

- Whispers hold little to no significance. The loot and experience gained from Whispers can't hold a candle to what Nightmares provide.

- Public events turn out to be of limited use. The Obols system is unsatisfying, failing to yield upgrades or desired Aspects even after accumulating tens of thousands of them. Once again, loot and experience from Nightmares prove superior.

- World Bosses emerge as the most disappointing aspect. Arriving 5-10 minutes ahead of time (which disrupts Nightmare grinding) only for the boss to perish within 30 seconds and drop 2 or 3 vendored items feels underwhelming. A single pack of monsters in a Nightmare yields more loot and experience. These encounters should guarantee 1-3 Uniques, 3-5 Legendaries, 10-20 Ancestrals, 50% experience toward a level, and a substantial amount of gold. The loot should be so substantial that players empty their inventories before engaging.

Engaging in open world activities often feels like a futile endeavor. At best, they serve as optional diversions from the Nightmare grind. The rewards they offer are severely lacking. To make them worthwhile, a significant upgrade to loot is warranted. Adding more cosmetics or exclusive Uniques could be a step in the right direction. These activities should be so enticing that players drop everything to partake in them.

Undoubtedly, an immense amount of time and resources were invested in developing the open world. However, its current purpose seems to revolve around enhancing the Campaign's atmosphere—a component that players can choose to bypass. The MMO aspect of the game is virtually nonexistent, and the ARPG component is barely discernible.

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