Why is this still not aback in Madden


A few things I would in actuality adore accepting added are CFM accompanying (that's in actuality the alone approach I play).

*Story - a lot of humans ambition EA to archetype 2K and I'm ok with that to a point. I ambition a adventure for all three options though. A player, coach, and GM specific adventure and the adeptness to play all three with the aforementioned created player. For example,you alpha as a adolescent player, maybe traveling through a few academy amateur (if possible), the amalgamate and afresh get drafted. You play your career and acquire options and adventure credibility throughout. They don't acquire to accomplish it position specific either as 2K does ambrosial able-bodied with that already, it's possible. So at the end of your pro career, you retire and maybe you get HOF, maybe you don't.

At this point, you acquire the advantage to go into coaching. If you abide on, this is breadth the coach adventure starts. It puts you at OC or DC (maybe even lower if they can accomplish that happen) and you play a adventure artifice as the new drillmaster and plan your way up to get assassin as a HC and plan your way up through that story. Still, if that's over, you can abide on by acceptable a GM with even added adventure to chase with that. All three of these could acquire adventure $.25 involving columnist conferences and amateur meetings. Obviously, you could do one adventure band at a time if you like,but how air-conditioned would alive you way from amateur to GM be, abnormally if that amateur looked in actuality like you.

*Which brings up Bold Face. Why is this still not aback in Madden? I apperceive it works and works able-bodied because my UFC fighter looks alarming abutting to myself. Bring it aback and put it to acceptable use.

*Commentary. 17 was a footfall in the appropriate direction, but it's a baby step. I ambition to apprehend about aggregate with commentary. Allocution a lot about how my aggregation and my opponent's aggregation has been accomplishing during the season, the endure game, compared to the antecedent season, and the endure drive. If my aggregation is 13-0, I ambition to apprehend about it and abide to apprehend about it every win afterwards because if you get that far in complete life, no one shuts up about it. It's a big accord to be traveling undefeated. I aswell ambition them to allocution about things like turnovers, injuries, and challenged plays a bit more. Use the replays, and allocution about what we're seeing.

*To abide on with commentary, presentation would be abundant to see key plays from antecedent amateur get accent afore anniversary bold with a blow of analysis adventure in there. Annihilation big, but yield something like Aaron Rodger's

"Run the Table" interview. That was jumped on and rode harder throughout the endure 8 amateur of the reg/post season. Accord me a little something like that, even if I'm losing, appearance the highlight plays adjoin my aggregation and allocution about my attack and what I acquire to about-face about to get aback in it.

*Refs calls on penalties explained more. Accord me the penalty, the player's number, yardage, down. Explain the challenges added as well, and by god, let the army appearance some friggen emotion.

*A annual flat appearance talking about belief about the league: Injuries, upsets, win streaks, ability rankings, etc...

*Pre/halftime/post bold appearance that not alone talks about your game, but added big amateur during the aforementioned time (See 2K5).

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